‘Sister Wives’ Fans Ponder Where The Family Would Be Without Robyn

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Sister Wives fans have developed a disdain for fourth wife, Robyn Brown over the last handful of seasons. She has not only appeared to become Kody’s favorite wife but also the neediest. Robyn is the one who acts like she is doing what she can to help the family stay cohesive. Yet viewers also see her as manipulative, wanting Kody all to herself despite claiming she signed up for polygamy, not monogamy. Now a Reddit thread has started where fans are asking what would the family be like had Robyn never joined.

Robyn Joins The Sister Wives Family

In 2010, the world was first introduced to the Brown family when Sister Wives debuted on TLC. It was not just that Kody Brown had three wives and twelve children (with one on the way). He was also courting a fourth wife, Robyn who lived a few hours away. She was barely thirty with three kids from a prior marriage and referred to Kody as her “soul mate.” It was because of his first and only legal wife, Meri that the two even started to pursue something.

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They were at an event when Robyn caught Meri and Kody’s eye so Meri encouraged him to ask her to dance. She said yes and soon, the courting process began. After some time and many weekends of him driving hours to see her, he proposed. The wives helped her pick out her dress and plan the wedding with it all seeming meant to be. Things started to change when the family uprooted from Utah to Las Vegas where each wife had their own home.

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Kody’s marriage to Meri was slowly turning non-existent as he appeared to be with Robyn much more. Fans started to note her ability to cry in almost every episode to get her way or make a point. By the time they moved to Flagstaff, Robyn’s kids, who Kody had adopted in 2014, were the ones he catered to. During the beginning of the pandemic, he chose to quarantine mostly at Robyn’s since she followed his strict rules. He was even called out for referring to his kids with his other wives as their kids. Yet, his kids with Robyn’s are “our kids.” This has fans wondering what life would be like if she never came into the family.

No Robyn?

Kody is now down two wives, in a sense. He openly says he has no relationship at all with Meri aside from a friendship. Had Robyn not come along, would he and Meri have gotten divorced? Probably not as they did it so he could marry Robyn and adopt her kids. Then, in November 2021, Christine bought a home in Utah and announced she was leaving Kody, as well. How does Robyn factor into this? It is uncertain but fans over at Reddit have strong opinions about a Sister Wives life without her.

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One fan cited Janelle as someone who was very in tune with the familial dynamic. “Janelle called it though, right after Meri announced she was divorcing Kody so Robyn could legally marry him to adopt her kids. Janelle had a lot of anxiety about it changing the dynamics of the family and even mentioned being worried about Robyn going on a power trip. Surprise, surprise – she wasn’t wrong.”

Another added: “I think they would still have problems – but I think they would have worked them out and still been together. Christine felt happy in her marriage before Robyn came. I think Robyn was the cause of a lot of hurt and chaos.” Finally, someone said: “It would just be Kody exploiting the wives instead of Kody and Robyn exploiting them.”

What do you think of a life without Robyn? Let us know and watch Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.




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