‘OutDaughtered’ Hazel Busby Wins Big On Latest Adventure

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby from Instagram

OutDaughtered dad, Adam Busby, seems to always have fun with his six daughters. This last time is no different. He took to his Instagram story to show off his latest adventure with his little girls. One daughter seemed to win pretty big too.

OutDaughtered girls have a fun night out

Adam Busby took to his Instagram story to share a bit about what the family is up to. It seems that right now, Danielle Busby is away so Adam is alone with the girls. Because of this, he took the girls to an arcade where it looks like there was fun to be had by all. He was sure to note that Danielle wasn’t there in the caption.

“When moms away…” he writes.

Adam Busby From Instagram
Adam Busby | Instagram

In many of the stories, he shows the girls running around getting their energy out at the arcade. But, one story is particularly cute. Fan favorite, Hazel Busby, won a prize!

Hazel looks absolutely thrilled while she hugs a massive blue unicorn. The unicorn has a rainbow mane and a sparkly horn. Needless to say, it seems like Hazel had the night of a lifetime.

Of course, Adam tagged Danielle Busby in the stories so she could see how much fun her little girls are having.

Spending a lot of time with Adam Busby

It actually seems like several of the girls are getting some really good quality time with their daddy! In the last few weeks, they have been split up a few times to go out on dates with Adam and Danielle separately.

He just took a few of the girls out for ice cream and before that took some shopping and out to dinner. It looks like Adam is having the time of his life being a dad to his six little girls!

“Dividing up the girls for separate mommy/daddy dates tonight. My 3 got ice cream… always give’em something to come home and brag about,” he writes in a caption about their dates. He then adds some hashtags claiming dates with daddy are the best. “#daddydatesarethebest #itsabuzzworld #outdaughtered,” he writes.

Outdaughtered Adam Busby from Instagram
Adam Busby | Instagram

It’s so nice that the girls are getting time with Adam and Danielle as they get older and continue to grow into their own little people.

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