Lindsie Chrisley Promises Tell-All Book Of Family Secrets?

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Did Todd Chrisley’s estranged daughter Lindsie just promise a tell-all book to her followers? Chrisley Knows Best fans that branched off and followed Lindsie after she became estranged from the family have begged her over the years to spill some tea. While she has dropped tidbits of information over the years, she doesn’t really care to talk about that aspect of her life. Lindsie has told her followers she has nothing to do with her family and they have zero contact.

Todd Chrisley echoes similar feelings on his podcast. He has noted that he is always a phone call away because she’ll always be his daughter. Likewise, her brother Chase added that he was also a phone call away if his big sister ever needed him.

That being said, fans can’t help but hope for more details on what caused this family to become so broken. Would Lindsie Chrisley ever release a tell-all book on family secrets? Some of her followers think that might’ve been something she just recently promised on her Instagram Stories.

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Wait, did Lindsie Chrisley just promise a tell-all book?

Lindsie Chrisley did a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories recently. She always introduces it as an opportunity to have a little fun with her followers. During these Q&A sessions, Lindsie often gets a lot of questions about her estranged family. Sometimes, Lindsie entertains some of the questions with an answer.

During this session, one of her followers asked if she would ever consider writing a book about her life. Lindsie was pretty blunt with her answer. She noted she would definitely write a book about her life.

Lindsie Chrisley, however, proceeded to clarify that she might be more interested in doing an audiobook about her life. Considering her experience with the podcast she manages with Kailyn Lowry, it makes sense she’d have an interest in an audiobook.

Lindsie Chrisley - Instagram Stories
Lindsie Chrisley – Instagram Stories

Naturally, that bodes one big question. What portion of her life would she be writing about? Would her estranged family be a part of her tell-all book?

Would her father come after her?

Lindsie Chrisley would need to be careful with releasing a tell-all book that included juicy family secrets. Todd Chrisley is a man that isn’t afraid to take legal action. He went after Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball for defaming his family and she reported what he claimed was nothing but lies.

Todd and Lindsie Chrisley YouTube
Chrisley – YouTube

Do you think Lindsie Chrisley wants to release a tell-all book on her family’s secrets? Or, do you think she wants to write about her life while excluding her estranged family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Chrisley news.

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