Lindsay Arnold Shows Off Her Baby Daughter’s Latest Milestone

Lindsay Arnold from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pro Lindsay Arnold and her family recently celebrated her little girl’s first birthday. Baby Sage turned one back in November and DWTS fans love watching Lindsay post adorable pics and videos of the little girl.

Now, Sage is tackling yet another milestone.

Lindsay Arnold wanted her daughter to get an early start in the pool

It’s winter, but Lindsay Arnold is prepping her daughter for the upcoming summer months. Baby Sage is taking swim lessons and it seems like she’s doing well for a child her age.

“Sagey had her first swim lesson today!!!! Safe to say she is a big fan 😍😍😍,” the 28-year-old dancer captioned the Instagram video of her daughter.

In the video, one-year-old Sage can be seen in her little pink swimsuit waving at others in the pool area. She eagerly reaches for pool toys and happily splashes in the water while the instructor holds her. Some children don’t always do well in the water, but it seems like this won’t be a problem for Sage.

Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

At the end of the video, Lindsay dries the baby off and puts her in her car seat. This is the point where Sage starts to cry. She loved splashing in the water so much that she didn’t want to leave!

You can follow Lindsay Arnold on Instagram if you want to keep up with the rest of baby Sage’s latest milestones. Lindsay’s younger sister Jensen recently announced her pregnancy, so there will be a little cousin for Sage to play with soon.

Will the dancer be back for another season of Dancing With The Stars?

Dancing With The Stars Season 30 just ended in November. Right now, most of the pro dancers are on tour and it’s a little early to start thinking about Season 31. But will Lindsay Arnold come back in the fall?

Lindsay Arnold/Instagram

Lindsay and her Season 30 partner Matt James didn’t last very long in the competition. Afterward, Lindsay criticized the judges and said she really felt like there was a hidden agenda out there.

“They said nice things, like they weren’t mean, but then we got 6s, which was like — it was insane … they were so blatantly underscoring Matt. I’ve been around on this show for a long enough time to know when they’re just purposefully underscoring somebody for some sort of agenda that I’m not aware of,” Lindsay said on her YouTube channel at the time.

“We did not deserve 6s and the thing that sucked was then watching the rest of the night and seeing how other people scored and their quality of dancing and comparing, it was just mind-blowing to me. I was super bummed and Matt was bummed.”

After speaking out like this, it’s possible the network won’t ask Lindsay Arnold to come back. We’ll just have to see what happens in the fall. Be sure to keep checking back with us for the latest Dancing With The Stars news. We’ll be here to keep you informed.

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