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‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: What Are Some Hobbies Tammy Slaton Enjoys?

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A lot of fans have a lot of different opinions when it comes to 1000-Lb Sisters star, Tammy Slaton. Now, it’s time to get to know her a bit better off-screen. Keep reading to learn more about what fans think Tammy Slaton’s hobbies consist of.

1000-Lb Sisters – Tammy’s hobbies

Sure, Tammy Slaton may be a major TLC star right now. However, that doesn’t mean she spends all of her time on camera. Of course, she has days to herself where she can do whatever brings her joy. So, what are those things? According to ScreenRant, fans think she enjoys crafting and TikTok.

So, where did these ideas come from? Well first, there’s plenty of things Tammy doesn’t like to do and she makes that very well known on the show. So, that certainly helps narrow down the choices. Otherwise, some fans took to Reddit to explain what they think Tammy does.

“On the show it seems like Tammy has no hobbies other than eating and social media. For those that follow her outside of the show, does it seem like she has any other interests? I wish she would take some college classes online or learn to crochet. I would probably be 600 pounds too if I didn’t have a job and hobbies!” the original poster asks.

The first thing to note is her love for TikTok. She and her sister don’t seem to hold and conventional job aside from their reality TV show – so Tammy must have a lot of free time and must be pulling in money elsewhere. TikTok is a great place for both.

Tammy Slaton Youtube
Tammy Slaton | Youtube

Followers of Tammy on the social media app know how much she seems to enjoy making these. She produces quite a bit of content so this is likely one of her main hobbies.

Next up – crafting.

One Reddit user replies that Tammy has to make crafts because she made a craft and gifted it to her ex-boyfriend – Jerry.

“I’ve seen her make some crafts, like the carpet-like designs you make with a hook (can’t remember what it’s called). I remember she gifted one to Jerry. However, I’m sure she much rather prefers social media and food.”

Other guesses include reading.

“I’ve noticed through the weird voice that she has an impressive vocabulary (unlike Amy), so I’d venture to guess she’s a reader,” someone guesses.


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Others in the comment section weren’t quite as friendly. They think that Tammy’s only hobbies are self-sabotage.

“I feel like- just like her “diet (& her “boyfriends”) – she’s into something for a few weeks then moves on,” someone starts. “She was into makeup for a while, she had one of those baby alive things that mimicked a real baby, latch hook rugs- nothing sticks because she has no follow through.”

Overall, it seems Tammy’s biggest passions right now lay in social media and perhaps some latch-hook.

Do you watch 1000-Lb Sisters? What do you think of Tammy Slaton and the newest season? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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  1. Tammy Slaton has lost her mind . I have no fricken clue why she is back with Philip again. Does she not care about herself ?? Does she not want to improve her life. Obviously not.

  2. Food is her hobby and chasing after guy’s,she also loves and lives for people waiting on her hand and foot

  3. Tammy started partying after Amy said she was moving. Tammy is only doing this to get the families attention. She’s afraid they will all have enough of her stupidest and leaves her behind. Maybe she gas abandonment issues

  4. Tammy is one pathetic peace of crap. She is not appreciative of anything her family tries to do for her. They have tried time and time again to help her, to no avail. They just need to go on with their lives and let her do what she wants,which is eat and screw her boyfriends. She doesn’t want to loose weight at all. It is so sad,that her family is always trying to help her and she does nothing but cusses them out. The story of the family vacation, would have been the straw that broke the camels back. She just makes excuse one after another.

  5. Gastric bypass surgery isn’t going to help Amy. It is not a miracle solution. You have to be willing to totally change your eating habits as well as exercise. Or you have to at least go out & walk every day, increasing the length you walking farther every day.

    Amy’s eating habits are appalling, too, so she has no room to talk. Because it is possible to “eat yourself out of the surgery.” People do it all the time. I actually know a husband and wife that did. You eat so much, you stretch your stomach back out to a larger size, so you can keep eating like you use to. I am surprised the doctor hasn’t thrown her out of his office yet!

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