‘TOWIE’: Gemma Collins Flaunts Dance Moves & Weight Loss


Former “TOWIE” star Gemma Collins recently showed off her weight loss progress in a dance video posted to social media. The 40-year-0ld has started posting more to her social platforms, giving fans of The Only Way is Essex some fantastic extra content. Her most recent video showed off a happy, healthy Gemma.

Gemma Collins Joins TikTok

Collins only joined TikTok earlier this week. She shared that she’d joined the video-sharing platform on her Instagram account. Gemma got on with a fresh, make-up-free face and asked her 2.2 million Insta followers to go over to TikTok and give her a follow there too. She also mentioned she’d made a TikTok with her nephew Hayden, with who she is very close. “We’ve made a TikTok. I want you all to watch it, I want it to go viral!” she said.

Gemma Collins

On top of sharing her more fun posts, Collins has been using her platforms to share more relatable messages as well. More recently, she shared with her followers that there are days she feels ugly and not good enough. But everyone is human and has their down days. Gemma, who is a self-proclaimed diva, has been sharing more content without makeup and looking more natural.

Fans Are Loving Her Toks

After she promoted her TikTok channel over on Instagram, her dancing TikTok with her nephew blew up. She can be seen flaunting her dance moves and cozy animal print pajamas in the video, free of makeup again. Pajamas or not, you can tell Collins has lost a fair amount of weight and seems to be happy. Many of her fans took to the comment section to express support. “Love it thanks Gemma for this positive post xx,” one commenter said. A few people commented on how close she and her nephew are. Others simply joined in expressing their love for the star. Here’s a look at the video.

In addition to the most recent video where she’s jamming out to Rod Stewart’s Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?, Gemma has been sharing snaps of her life with fiance Rami Hawash. The couple reunited during the pandemic after splitting up in 2014. Collins appears to be as happy as ever. However, her life with Rami, her stepson, and their hopefully soon-to-be child is fulfilling.

“I feel like I’ve got my family now, my own family and we’re gonna be becoming a family and it’s kind of been the best year of my life really,” she said about her life. Thankfully, even though she isn’t on TOWIE anymore, fans will be able to keep up with Gemma Collins and all of the things going on in her life by following her on social media. She updates her pages on a fairly regular basis.

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