The ‘Amazing Race’ Couple With A Viral Internet Dance

Nick Davis

The upcoming season of The Amazing Race revealed its cast recently. The lineup holds no shortage of couples who are sure to make it a season to remember. One pair’s claim to fame is particularly interesting. It involves a wedding video that went viral. And now the recently wed couple are riding that wave of internet recognition to hopefully a million-dollar prize from the craziest race on earth.

The Viral Dancing Couple

Their names are Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones. They’re newlyweds from Portland, Oregon. In 2019, a video of their infectious choreographed wedding dance made the rounds on social media. Their energy was undeniable and the internet took notice. 

In a pre-show interview, Taylor and Isaiah said they met on Facebook in 2012. They were married in 2019, and are excited to be doing the race as they consider it a kind of “second honeymoon”. Stating their first honeymoon was in Mexico and the race is their second ever time leaving the United States. The culture shock of having never been outside of North America before will be intriguing to watch with these two. 

“All you have to win is one leg. And that’s the final leg,” Isaiah said.

They also said their strategy coming into the race is to keep a low profile. They’d like to maintain subtlety throughout the race and only show off closer to the end. How a couple that went viral for high-energy dancing plans to lay low is anyone’s guess. The Amazing Race has had many dancing challenges in the past. Usually, it involves both players on a team attempting to learn the steps to a popular dance from the country they’re currently racing through. For many teams with no prior dance or coordination experience, these challenges can be a handbrake. But undoubtedly this duo will soar in that type of challenge. So the potential for them to be great racers is there.

Pictured L-R: Taylor and Isaiah Green-Jones Photo: Michele Crowe/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

A Monster Cast

The cast of Season 33 is loaded with interesting types. From the aforementioned viral dance stars to a pair of singing cops and even a famous group of terrorist-stoppers. A combination of players like this is sure to have cutthroats and fierce competition. And with the massive role COVID-19 is going to play in a game this travel-centric, this season is sure to be one of the most potent and captivating in the show’s history.

The Amazing Race Season 33 premieres on January 5th, 2022 on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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