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Nayte Olukoya Slams Mike Johnson For Accusations

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Nayte Olukoya is flying high right now. He’s the winner of Michelle Young’s heart from The Bachelorette. Nayte is engaged with a down payment for a new house. Like most contestants on the show, his intentions were questioned because of a poor choice of words. Among those questioning his intentions was former contestant Mike Johnson.

Mike talked about his initial feelings on Nayte on Twitter. He said, “How do we feel about Nayte? I’m watching him closely.”

On Mike’s podcast with Bryan Abasolo, “Talking it Out with Bachelor Nation,” Nayte expressed he didn’t feel like Mike should have said that about him. He thought they were cool.

Nayte Olukoya Confronted Mike Johnson About What He Said

Nayte Olukoya confronted Mike Johnson when he went on his podcast. Mike told him he didn’t think he said anything bad. He repeated what he said and then expressed, “I got a bunch of hate and, in my opinion, I don’t deserve none of that hate.”

He went on to say, according to US Weekly, he was backed up on his opinion in the episode he’d watched. Mike said, “Your mom had said something, Michelle’s parents had said something, the guy in Puerto Vallarta had said something, and I felt the same way.”

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Not one to just take criticism Nayte responded, “What is it about me that you feel like — and a lot of other people feel like they gotta watch me closely?”

Mike brought it back to Michelle and how he just wanted to see her happy. He went on to say he just wanted to make sure his words and actions were the same.

The Reality Star Didn’t Think Mike Really Answered For His Comments

Nayte Olukoya felt like Mike Johnson should have understood him better since he’s been through it. Nayte told him that he knows how the environment is because of his position in the franchise.

Mike said it started with the situation with Chris Sutton and Mike questioning his character. Chris told Michelle that Nayte bragged that he had it in the bag. Standing up for herself, Michelle confronted Nayte, telling him no one had end game yet.

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Nayte responded that he didn’t know why Chris felt that way about him. He told Mike that he jumped to conclusions based on that interaction. He told Mike, “I think you know that … not every conversation that you ever had with the Bachelorette was ever aired. So nobody understands what you guys have talked about other than you and the individual.”

He went on to say he should have just thought Nayte had confidence and that’s why he said he was going to get a date anyway so it didn’t matter. Olukoya told Mike that he ran with the narrative of him thinking it was “in the bag.”

Johnson Didn’t Back Down Either

Mike Johnson listened to what Nayte Olukoya had to say. In some cases, he admitted he had a point. He told him, everyone is entitled to their opinion and allowed to speak their mind.

Nayte told him, above all, the cause of his hurt stemmed from the repeated criticism. Mike told him he didn’t have malice and wanted to squash the feud. However, he didn’t plan on backing down from his statement. He said there is nothing wrong with how he feels and there is nothing wrong with how Nayte feels, both of their feelings are valid.

What do you think about the back and forth between Mike and Nayte? Do you think Mike was wrong about him? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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