Nick Viall Says There Was One Thing He Wanted In His ‘Bachelor’ Contract

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Former villain Nick Viall beat out Luke Pell for the lead in The Bachelor in 2016. This came as a surprise to fans of the show. Nick had been runner-up twice before he got his own shot at love. The choice came last minute before the announcement.

Luke Pell said right before he was set to fly out for the show, he was told they went with someone else. Nick talked about it, saying Luke shouldn’t have “nickeled and dimed them over a salary.” He said it was stupid.

For Nick, there was only one thing he cared about. He stated he would have done it for free.

Luke Pell And Nick Exchanged Words Through Media

Luke said, “I will say that was very gracious of Nick Viall to say that he would have done it for free. In light of that comment by Nick, I know a few veteran’s charities and children’s charities that would greatly appreciate the support of him.”

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Moving forward, being the lead didn’t allow Nick to find his forever love, but it did allow him several great opportunities. The forty-one-year-old has been a staple in Bachelor nation and often gives his candid opinion on the franchise on his podcast.

Now, on the Trading Secrets podcast, he revealed the one thing he requested when negotiating his contract for the show. It wasn’t a huge paycheck or a 200k down payment on a house. What he wanted was a little bit simpler.

What Was Nick Viall’s Deal Breaker?

Nick Viall said he only had one thing that was a must in his contract. He needed them to “Please cast women I’m going to be into.” He said he didn’t care about the money, despite needing it at the time. Viall said he would have done it for free.

Viall said he’d “lived without a job for a year,” according to E-News. He said all he cared about was the women coming on the show. His bottom line wasn’t that much.

Nick also talked a bit about Dancing with The Stars. He’d been in talks with ABC about it before, but nothing ever happened. When he got the role he said, “They wouldn’t have put me on Dancing with the Stars if I wasn’t the Bachelor. I’m confident in saying that.” Those who have competed for the Mirrorball were indeed the lead first like Hannah Brown and Matt James, among others.

Instagram, Nick Viall

Nick also recently interviewed Brandon Jones from Michelle Young’s season. He said, “Welcome to the runner-up club! Appreciate your honesty. This guy’s the real deal!”

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