Wait, Did Savannah Chrisley’s Mole Move?!

Savannah Chrisley’s mole is a mystery to some fans and some don’t think it’s real. Those who have a lot of time on their hands spend a great deal of it looking at her pictures.

The reason they question its existence is that they feel like it moves on her face. It wouldn’t be uncommon for a person in the public eye to add a beauty mark.

Marilyn Monroe had a recognizable beauty mark, but despite some speculation, hers was indeed natural. Other actresses and those in the public eye strived to be like her and would add one to their makeup look. Beauty is Savannah’s number one business since the reality star has her own line of makeup.

Is Savannah Chrisley Adding Her Mole?

If Savannah Chrisley is adding a fake mole, she’s really committed to it. There have been pictures of her posted on Instagram with no makeup like the one below.

Instagram, Savannah Chrisley

The mole is very visible in the video above where she is filming a ‘get ready with me.’ If it’s fake, she had to put it on before the filming started. One fan said, “You’re seriously so pretty without makeup!” One of the reasons fans think her mole moves is because of the reverse feature on pictures.

In the above picture, it’s on her right. But in the picture below it’s on her left. In the picture on the bottom from her Instagram, you can’t see it at all.

Instagram, Savannah Chrisley
Instagram, Savannah Chrisley

Her Makeup Makes A Fantastic Gift

Christmas is just around the corner and Savannah Chrisley’s makeup is selling out. She’s already having to restock the full face palette in the new year because it sold out. Her eye shadow and lip kits are also very popular choices.

Her makeup is high quality and affordable for everyone. She often shares tutorials that helps everyone who buys her products get the look they are going for. Recently in a tutorial video, which hilariously featured Todd yelling in the background, she shared what’s next. She said the next launch would include sleep masks and scrunchies.

The Reality Star Has An Amazing Complexion

Like we reported, Savannah Chrisley takes her skin care very seriously. Since releasing her own brand, she learned a lot about skin care and she isn’t afraid to share other products that help her. They don’t have to be from her brand.

Savannah said she loves clean and natural products to keep a natural glow. Fans love her and want to emulate her gorgeous skin and amazing makeup looks.

What are your thoughts on the mole? Do you think she would be that committed to putting it on everyday? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. I think Savannah’s mole is real, otherwise why wouldn’t you place it somewhere else instead of looking like you have a booger?

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