Lala Kent Says Latest Truth About Randall Emmett Is Just ‘GROSS’

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Lala Kent of Vanderpump Ruleis starting to open up a little bit more about what went wrong in her relationship with Randall Emmett. The mama of Ocean Kent Emmett revealed a bit of tea on her podcast, Give Them Lala. 

Rumors that the couple was having trouble started circulating in October. The couple still posted pictures with Ocean and put up a united front at that time. They were supposed to get married in 2020, but Covid came along and postponed it for them. Now, their wedding will never happen. Lala talked to her listeners about a fake engagement ring and all the DMs Emmett sent out.

Instagram, Lala Kent

There was a time when Lala would have always defended Emmett. She even went up against 50 Cent for him. Now, things have changed and her daughter is her priority.

What Caused Lala Kent To Feel Disgusted?

According to Heavy, Lala Kent was very disturbed by one thing Randall did. She talked about her engagement ring and said Emmett had fixed up a brown diamond. Kent called him “He whose name we shall not mention,” but everyone knew what she was talking about.

What really got to her when she found out he had cheated was that his daughter was his profile picture. When the DMs showed up on GirlGangz7733’s Instagram, that’s what bothered her. She said, “Her sweet little, innocent face is linked to these messages that he’s sending to women.” Fans have been mentioning as well that Ocean is his profile picture on the naughty DMs.

Instagram, Lala Kent

Lala went on to say that was, “Gross. I don’t even know what other word to use. My sweet, innocent girl. It’s disgusting.” Randall still has his daughter as his profile picture, but he’s made his account private so people can’t come on and comment.

She Also Hit Him Where It Hurt

Lala Kent pulled a Katie Thurston and shared some self-pleasure toy sales on her account. Fans think she was throwing a bit of shade at her ex, with her endorsement. She captioned it, “Tis the season for a lil extra self-care.” She added she’s giving away thousands of them

Lala made sure to add, “it’s the best sexy time I’ve had in five years and eight months.” This is clearly a dig at her ex-fiance. One fan said, “The biggest ooof of the year goes to this savage a** burn 😂😂😂😂 I hope he has ice readily available.”

Fans back Lala being strong and dealing with things on her own. One said, “Seeing you be a mom is in my top 5 favorite things right now. Ocean is the cutest little baby human.”

What do you think about Randall using Ocean as a profile picture while sending naughty DMs? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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