‘The Amazing Race’ 33 Cast Includes A Heroic Duo

Nick Davis

With the imminent arrival of the new year also comes the imminent arrival of the newest season of The Amazing Race. The effect COVID-19 has had on world travel is going to have a profound impact on the show and the cast.

The cast of this season promises to be a special one. Not only because they’re an interesting group of people. But also because we’ll be able to see their leap from the lockdown to continuing to race the world. Recently, CBS released cast photos and details on each of the teams. The teams will be starting in England for the first leg of the race.

Anthony & Spencer

Upon looking at the cast, one team immediately stands out as a particularly famous one. That’s Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone. If their names don’t immediately ring a bell for you, the movie starred in and about them might kickstart your memory. The 15:17 To Paris. That’s right. This duo is famous for stopping an ISIS terrorist attempting to hijack a train between The Netherlands and France back in 2015.

Their heroic tale got them world notoriety. It also garnered them a meeting with President Barack Obama, and resulted in a feature film being made about the event. They were even cast as the leads rather than being replaced with Hollywood actors. The move that was somewhat controversial amongst critics as they are certainly not trained thespians.

Nevertheless, this is a wildly popular duo who have already proven their physical abilities at the height of tension on the world stage. How this will translate to talent on The Amazing Race is yet to be seen. The show has certainly pushed all kinds of athletes beyond their limits in the past. But there’s something to be said about the potential shown by two guys who know how to respond under life-threatening pressure. The odds seem very much in their favor.

After 20 years and 32 trips around the globe. Over 600 Racers have traveled more than 1 million miles to more than 90 countries! Pictured: Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

‘The Amazing Race’ Returns

In a pre-show interview, Anthony Sadler said “To be able to say we raced around the world and won first place and a million dollars. That’s just, like, nobody can take that from you.” It seems as though a major reason for their desire to run this race is to continue to add to the accolades they share as a famous duo. 

The show returns on January 5th, 2022. Both Anthony and Spencer seem very excited to see the season finally coming to air. Their competition includes a couple who met on Love Island, as well as a couple who runs a successful YouTube channel with nearly 3-quarters of a million subscribers, and… Singing police officers?

It’s going to be a season to remember, that is for certain.

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