‘General Hospital’ Steve Burton 2021 Net Worth Revealed

Steve Burton 2021 Net Worth

General Hospital has millions of viewers and, after seeing him on the show for many years, you may be wondering about star Steve Burton’s 2021 net worth. Most soap stars get paid thousands per episode, so it is safe to say he’s been able to earn plenty. However, with his recent departure from the show, many fans are wondering what’s next for the actor. Here’s a closer look at his career and wealth.

A Career Beyond General Hospital

Many viewers assume soap opera stars are busy with their daily appearances on the program to take on other projects. That hasn’t been the case with Steve Burton, though. While many people recognize him as Jason Morgan, he has performed plenty of other work too. Before he got started in General Hospital, he landed an acting job in the late 80s on the show Out of This World.

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His soap career was kicked off when he appeared in Days of Our Lives in 1988. Three years later, he landed the role he is most well-known for: Jason Morgan. Playing the character earned him a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and it wouldn’t be his last. He won a second Daytime Emmy for his role on The Young and the Restless in 2017.

Outside of daytime television, Burton has been able to stay busy. In 2001, he appeared in The Last Castle, a science fiction miniseries. He has also performed as a voice actor for the character Cloud Strife in Kingdom Hearts and some of the Final Fantasy video games.

More recently, it was announced that Burton would not be returning to General Hospital. He was fired because he refused to get vaccinated to work on the show. That likely won’t have much impact on the star’s wealth, though.

Steve Burton 2021 Net Worth Is In The Millions

It is estimated that Burton’s net worth sits around $3 million in 2021. After decades on the popular soap opera, he has been able to create substantial wealth for himself. As mentioned above, that’s not the only way he’s been making money. Like most soap stars, he made between $3,000 and $5,000 per episode. In some cases, he was appearing on multiple soaps every week. At one point, in the early 2000s, he was making up to five figures per day.

Steve Burton 2021 net worth

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While it isn’t clear what’s next for the former General Hospital star, he has made it clear that he would like to return to the show if the opportunity presents itself. If mandates are lifted, he said he’d be happy to finish his career playing the role of Jason Morgan. Recent spoilers for the soap have shown Burton returning, but the actor’s future is still unclear. For now, Steve Burton’s 2021 net worth won’t be impacted by any of his most recent career changes.

Does it surprise you his net worth is so high? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Steve Burton obviously carries the I am not talking over into his real life. Good for him because I showed my distasteful side after he was fired. I haven’t watched one episode since he left. What they did d to him was wrong and honestly all the Karen’s that watch and left their distasteful remarks made me say bye. I will always love Sonny and Carly. I never cared for the acting of Nina when she played on Guiding Light. Putting her in the same kind of role did not help. Loved Phyllis’s character , as you can see she is somewhat like the role she plays. Franco and Finn, multiple characters..stupid. Ava never disappoints with her performance. I started watching GH overseas in Germany. When I came back to the states I had to decide between GH and GL. GH won due to storyline of Jason and Sonny and of course Carly. You separated the 3 musketeers and it won’t be the same. I find it deplorable after 30 years what they did to Steve Burton and character Jax. If the others are vaccinated, WTH? Of course we are treading in moron territory with our current President and VP. This entire woke movement is a disgrace to our country and the men and women who have fought and died for us. Watching those people be removed from their jobs a even bigger disgrace. Bless you and your family Mr. Burton!!!

  2. I have been watching GH since it started. I have seen other Jason’s play the part, non of which came even close to Steve Burton.. I still watch GH but I don’t care if I miss any episodes..We need Steve baaaaack!!!!!

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