If More ‘Survivor’ Is What You’re Looking For, Australia May Have An Answer…

Nick Davis

Survivor has been on the air for over 20 years and has accumulated 41 seasons in that time. For new fans that means no shortage of content to keep your Survivor lust satisfied for a good while. For long-time fans, though, it can mean waiting patiently through that summer slump for the show to finally return. It also means that 16-month break between Season 40 and Season 41, the longest break in the show’s history, was absolutely excruciating. If more Survivor is what you desperately crave, the recently launched streaming service Paramount+ may have recently put up some content that’s exactly what you’re looking for.


It’s Not Survivor: Australia, It’s Australian Survivor

Survivor as a franchise is heavily syndicated worldwide. What a lot of people don’t know is American Survivor is actually an adaptation itself of a Swedish show called Expedition Robinson. On top of the US and Sweden, you can also find versions of the show all over the world. From Spain to Greece to Bulgaria, and yes, all the way down to Australia. The Australian version is the important one here for two reasons. Firstly because it’s one of the only other Survivor adaptations in English. Second, and most importantly, because it’s the only other Survivor adaptation on an American streaming service.

Recently Paramount+ added Seasons 4-6 of Australian Survivor to their ever-expanding line of content. The Australian version has been very popular with American fans, who appreciate the variations from what we’ve come to expect in our modern Survivor. There are far fewer advantages, the challenges tend to be brutally physical, and there are 24 players competing each season. A lot of these differences feel very reminiscent of the earlier seasons of our American version of the show. Which is definitely one of the primary reasons why long time fans in the US are so thrilled to finally have a legal means of watching Australian Survivor here.

The show is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia. Seeing someone who’s not Jeff Probst snuffing torches and wearing blue button-ups might scare long-time fans at first. He does a good job, though, don’t be hard on him.

Jonathan LaPaglia, host of Australian Survivor

New Seasons

Australian Survivor is going on 8 seasons, with a promise to air the 9th season in early 2022. Paramount+ only has the 4th, 5th and 6th seasons of the show at the moment. Hopefully, if the streaming numbers are high enough they’ll add the rest of the seasons as well. Who knows, maybe we’ll get South African Survivor (The only other English speaking version of the show currently on the air in the world) in the US soon, too! If there’s one thing no diehard fan will ever argue with, it’s having more and more seasons of their favorite show.

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