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Beautiful Photo Of Julie Chrisley And Chloe Has Fans Swooning

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There’s no doubt some of the sass from Todd and Julie Chrisley has rubbed off on Chloe Chrisley. The nine-year-old can talk back to Todd just like any of his children can.

When Todd asked his granddaughter how to spell brilliant, Chloe didn’t respond the way he expected. She spelled her name back for him while Julie laughed in the background.

Instagram, Savannah, and Chloe Chrisley

There’s a video of Chloe on Savannah’s Instagram where Chloe talks about Sassy by Savannah’s mascara. Savannah said at the end of the video Chloe said, “They loved me.” She really has star power.

Savannah said Chloe loves putting on makeup. She lit up while she was on camera talking to the people in the comments. Her aunt was impressed with her sass and laughing as she took over the live.

Julie And Chloe Chrisley Posed For A Stunning Picture

Julie and Chloe Chrisley posed for a fantastic picture and USA’s Instagram had to share it. They captioned it, “We can’t get enough of these two Chrisley ladies!” Both ladies look chic. Chloe is wearing a plaid Burberry shirt and matching shoes. She has a huge smile for the camera.

Instagram, Julie, and Chloe Chrisley

Fans love the pretty picture. One fan said, “Wow that’s an amazing pic of you both u [sic] are amazing  both.” Another said, “This is the most adorable picture I seen [sic] today.”

The Sassy Girl Is Growing Up Fast

Chloe Chrisley looks like a grown-up in one photo USA shared. It features her with straight hair sitting in a car blankly staring at her phone. She fits right in with the rest of the device-obsessed Chrisley family. Although they’ve been working on being more present.

Instagram, Chloe Chrisley

The caption says, “They grow up so fast. We can’t get over this.”

One fan said, “Chloe serving looks. Yaaaas she’s a true Chrisley inside out n out simply gorgeous.”

Another said, “Oh my goodness .. she’s always been a doll but dang she has grown up and is stunning.” Several other fans remarked about how beautiful she looks.

The New Picture Got Julie Chrisley Some Praise

Julie Chrisley got as much praise as Chloe for the pretty picture as well. She has almost as many adoring fans as Chloe does.

One said, “Julie is the best thing that could have happened for this baby keep up the great work Julie you are an amazing mother.” Another said, “Julie you are so dam [sic] Pretty! You are absolutely gorgeous!”

To see how Julie schooled Savannah on baby making click here. What do you think of the stunning picture? Comment with your thoughts down below. As always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Chrisley Knows Best. 

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