Wait, Is ‘Vampire Diaries’ Leaving Netflix?!

The Vampire Diaries

If you are as obsessed with the adventures of Elena and the Salvatore brothers as we are — and possibly mid-series binging it for the third time, you might have heard the rumor that the show is leaving Netflix soon. The streaming giant has been the home of The Vampire Diaries catalog for a number of years, but now, uber VPD fans fear they may have to follow the series to another platform. Is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix for good? Is it moving to a new home? Or, is it destined to be found only on occasional syndicated TV or worse, DVD collections? Read on to find out the official fate of this much-beloved supernatural romance drama.

A Supernatural Sensation

Since the day its pilot episode aired in 2009, The Vampire Diaries has been twanging the heartstrings of bad-boy-loving tweens, teens… and their moms. The supernatural romance drama, with its  twisting plotlines, quickly became the most-watched show in its time slot. The series maintained an ever-growing fanbase until the very last episode, which aired in March of 2017.

Despite the series coming to an end, show fans continue to seek out and consume VPD content. A search on Google brings up masses of fan-fiction stories, fantasy plotlines and discussion threads about the show that are still going to this day.

While the show officially ended in 2017, the series had already made a home on Netflix several years prior in 2013. At some point early on in the series, the CW made an arrangement to have each season loaded into the Netflix library a short time after the season completed its air run.

As new fans discovered the series on The CW, many went to Netflix to catch up with the early seasons. Having them on the streaming platform allowed the show to consistently bring in newcomers to the fanbase, growing the fandom exponentially. Sadly, if The Vampire Diaries leaves Netflix, it will be much harder for new fans to find the content.

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Why Did The Vampire Diaries End?

The show ran for a full eight seasons before showrunners and producers called the show to a close. Fans still wonder why the show ended, especially when there were so many potential storylines to explore.

The List reports that the show hit the ‘beginning of the end’ when Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) left the show at the end of season six. After playing the series lead for six seasons, she felt that Elena’s story was over. She wanted to move on to more adult roles.

After Nina left the show, the series continued for two more seasons. Unfortunately, while fans and the cast would have happily continued, the writers’ hearts just weren’t in it any longer.

Fans were hoping to see certain storylines play out – like a romance between Kat Graham’s character, Bonnie Bennett, and Damon Salvatore, for example. Unfortunately, the writers of the show weren’t too keen on this idea and seemed less keen on giving Kat any more screen time than they had to.

Photo Credit: The CW| ‘The Vampire Diaries’

While the showrunners and producers publicly said it came down to logistics and contracts ending, many rumors allude otherwise. In fact, many involved with TVD later reported that bad blood between the cast and the powers-that-be was what eventually ended the series.

Is The Vampire Diaries Leaving Netflix Forever?

So, is The Vampire Diaries leaving Netflix? Unfortunately, CW only signed a five-year contract with Netflix for The Vampire Diaries licensing. That five years began when the final season was added to the Netflix library. The show officially ended in 2017. Consequently, the series is slated to leave the Netflix library on March 8th, 2022.

According to What’s On Netflix, the US is actually holding on to the collection a tiny bit longer than several other countries. Canada, for example, lost access to the series 2018. Australia, Germany, and Switzerland will lose the ability to binge The Vampire Diaries In January of 2022.

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