Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Goes Animated With Awkwafina & Andy Samberg

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Amazon has not been swinging lightly with their foray into original streaming content. They decided to dip their toes in after seeing the success of original shows from their competitors at Netflix, Hulu and HBO. Fast forward to the present day and they have some of the most critically lauded series to have ever exclusively hit streaming services. From the Rami Malek-led Mr. Robot to the star-studded Invincible that became an internet hit with it’s first season earlier this year. Now with a show set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth wrapping production? Amazon’s clearly looking to corner streaming the same way they’ve cornered online retail. 

Who Are The Boys?

The Boys is another Amazon original that’s seen solid success. Fans and critics alike have lauded praise on both seasons. It’s based on a comic book by Garth Ennis. One of the most revered authors in comics from the 90s and 00s. Comics fans are notoriously finicky about their favorite works being adapted. So if they’re receiving this adaptation well that speaks volumes to it’s quality.

It’s not exactly a superhero story as much as it is a superpowered story. The superpowered people in question are certainly not “heroes” the majority of the time. And the story primarily follows a group of non-powered individuals who are doing their best to bring the building down on the “Supes”.

The Seven of The Boys from Season 2


Over the weekend was CCXP, or Comic Con Experience. It was more geared towards panels and fandoms than any real news, but Karl Urban (Billy Butcher on The Boys) did have one exciting announcement for us.

Soon we’ll be getting The Boys: Diabolical. It’ll be an anthology of different stories set in the world of The Boys. Tales from the perspectives of various side-characters, giving us a further in-depth look into the bleak and corporatized landscape this story is set in. The episodes will be animated. That will allow them to look much more similar to the look of the comic the show is based on.

Most interesting of all is the writers behind the scenes of these stories. The roster is full of stars from Awkwafina to Seth Rogen to Andy Samberg. Justin Roiland, of Rick and Morty fame, will also be writing an episode, as well as The Boys original comic creator Garth Ennis. It’s unknown at this time how many if any of these mega celebrities will also be doing voice roles within the animated episodes. But given many of them had voice roles in the aforementioned Invincible show that premiered to big success earlier this year, we can safely assume we’ll be hearing them in The Boys: Diabolical soon.

They didn’t give an exact release date for the new spinoff. Just a titillating “Coming soon”. But we can hope to see The Boys: Diabolical as well as season 3 of the hit show coming to Prime Video in 2022 or 2023. 

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