Adam Busby Drools Over Himself As Fans Call Out Photoshop?

OutDaughtered Dad, Adam Busby recently shared a post on Instagram, where, as usual, he wore a high-end brand’s clothing and shouts them out in the post. This is pretty typical for Adam, who seems to regularly pursue social media influencing as an income stream. What’s not so typical about Adam’s post is the fact that he seems to have lost something very important to his golf game. What’s going on? Read on to find out how Adam goofed up and why fans are accusing him of photoshopping his Instagram post.

Adam Busby Goes Golfing

Being a Dad to 6 daughters can be stressful. So, it’s only natural that every once in a while Adam would want to take some time for self-care and go do something he enjoys. Today, according to his Instagram post, Adam Busby decided that he was going to get in some fresh air and a round of golf.

After the celeb had finished his “game,” he posed for a selfie to show off his designer duds. Holding the camera out in front of him, Adam angled the shot to display his logo-branded hat and golf jacket.

OutDaughtered Adam & Danielle Busby
Instagram Adam Busby

“Well… my golf game was absolute trash today,” the reality star commented, “(that’s what i get for picking up my clubs once every 3 months). @byltbasics sure does have me looking good out here though,” he concluded, shouting out the brand by name.

The post does not seem officially sponsored. There are no sponsored post tags or disclaimers in the post indicating that he received anything for the plug. As far as fans can tell, it was likely just Adam trying to get the brand’s attention in hopes that they might want to sponsor him.

Fans Call Adam Busby For Photoshopping Selfie

While at first glance, the fun selfie shot on Adam Busby’s Instagram seems pretty normal. If you look at the snap for more than 5 seconds, however, you will notice that something very important is missing from the photo. So important, in fact, that without this thing – Adam would be incapable of playing golf at all.

Photo Credit: Instagram

So, what was missing? Well, it appears that in his haste to impress the sports brand, Adam accidentally cropped his right leg out of the photo. Some, including Adam say that because he was walking one leg is in front of him. Unfortunately, the way his hips and body alignment are in the photo – that just wouldn’t make sense. In fact, where his leg should have been there was nothing. No shadow, no disrupting in the grass, no nothing.

For this reason, fans coming across the post in their feed were quick to point this out. Several people even directly accused him of photoshopping himself onto a golf green, which would explain why the reality star’s leg appears to have mysteriously disappeared.

Damage Control

It appears that Adam wasn’t too keen on having his shoddy editing job called out on social media. In an effort to take attention from the missing leg, all offending comments were removed from the post within just a few hours.

Adam Busby OutDaughtered
Photo Credit: Instagram

At one point, Busby seems to have gotten perturbed with the commentary. After visible comments had been removed, yet another viewer noticed the missing leg, asking where it was on the post. This time, instead of deleting, Adam responded. “hmm… where would my leg be if I’m walking if one is in front,” the reality star snarked sarcastically, “How many guesses do you need?”

Still, while most of the chatter is no longer visible – his frustration likely comes from the fact that his hasty editing goof may have cost him a future brand deal. Either way, we’re sure that there will be plenty more influencer opportunities for Adam and his family in the future.

Did you see Adam’s latest post? Do you think it was photoshopped? Tell us in the comments!

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