‘I Am Jazz’: Did Jazz Jennings Finally Make Her Way to Harvard?

Jazz Jennings

Over the previous seasons of I Am Jazzfans have watched and cheered as Jazz blazed her way through high school, eventually getting accepted into Harvard University. After deferring a year to focus her life, her start was then further delayed by COVID. Did Jazz Jennings finally make it to Harvard? Read on to find out what the celeb has been up to recently.

Jazz Jennings Prepares for a Bright Future

Throughout the last six seasons of I Am Jazz, the world has watched young Jazz Jennings prepare to enter high school as a transitioning, MTF trans teen. The show focused on her struggles, both with herself and with the world around her. Viewers got to meet her family and see how they navigated new ways to support Jazz.

Beyond her transition, Season 6 brought plenty of new challenges for the celeb. Fans got to go along with her on the journey of preparing to enter college and start her life as a young independent adult.

When we left Jazz at the end of Season 6, fans were thrilled to have learned that she got accepted into the prestigious, Harvard University. In a video announcement released just after her initial acceptance, Jazz Jennings tells fans that she plans to major in philosophy, religion, and gender studies at the Ivy League school. The reality celeb tells fans to stay tuned for her next season of I Am Jazz for more details about how she made her decision and what would happen next on her Journey.

Jazz Jennings
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Unfortunately, while fans had hoped to find Jazz navigating life as a young college student, Season 7 looked a bit different than they had expected.

Originally, Jazz had opted to defer her entry into Harvard for a year. She told followers that she needed to check in with herself and get some much-needed downtime. At one point, Jazz posted on  Instagram that she had such a full and busy schedule over the last few years that she felt it necessary to take a pause to center and recharge her batteries before embarking on her next great adventure.

“I wanted to share some news. After careful consideration, I have decided to take a break before starting at Harvard. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it is the right one for me,” she wrote in her post, “These past few years have been so full and busy that I realized I could use some time to refocus and recenter to be the strongest version of myself.”

That was October 2019.

After having time to collect herself, Jazz decided she was ready to go.  She began making preparations to head to Harvard. Unfortunately, she would be delayed once more as the nation succumbed to the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, for Jazz, this meant that once again, Harvard would have to wait.

SPOILER: Did Jazz Jennings Ever Make It To Harvard?

Like many young adults, Jazz opted to wait out Covid at home, bunkering down with her family. We can predict that Jazz did not want her college experience tainted by anxiety and fear.

Prior to Season 7, Jazz reveals that in the midst of prepping for college, she struggled with her mental health. We also find out that she has been suffering from a binge eating disorder, and that over the last year or so it has dramatically affected her weight.

Jazz Jennings
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The celeb says that she has felt beautiful at every size she’s been.  She does, however, want to focus on weight loss, specifically for her health. She acknowledges that the way she’s been eating make her feel less than her best. Jazz says she is hoping to make some positive changes through a weight loss program.

While waiting to make her grand entrance into Harvard, she lands an internship with a plastic surgeon’s office. This season will likely follow her on that journey as well.

So, the official answer is, No. Jazz Jennings is not yet in the halls of Harvard U.  She is, however, making the most of this time to heal and improve herself before her next chapter begins.

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