Hugh Hefner’s Ex Holly Madison Opens Up About Cycle Of GROSS Things

Holly Madison Credit: Holly Madison IG

Fans of E!’s hit reality show The Girls Next Door may remember Holly Madison as Hugh Hefner’s number one girlfriend. She doted on him and was even trying to have a baby with Hef, despite him being in his eighties. Yet, years after she departed the mansion, Madison shared her truth of what went on. Even though Hef passed away in September of 2017, she still felt all the disturbing things she experienced needed to be heard.

Holly Madison And Hugh Hefner- The Way They Were

She was just twenty-one when she moved into the Playboy Mansion. At the time, Holly was one of seven girlfriends Hef would have around him. The following year, she became his number one girlfriend, meaning she slept in his room and was always by his side. That same year, Bridget Marquardt moved into the mansion and became one of the girlfriends followed by a teenage Kendra Wilkinson. Eventually, it was just Holly, Bridget, and Kendra.

Holly Madison Credit: Bridget Marquardt IG
Credit: Bridget Marquardt IG

They would go on to make up The Girls Next Door which documented life in the mansion. The three seemed like the perfect trio, always getting together for events and such. Additionally, Holly appeared to be so much in love with Hef. She was always helping him get ready for functions and affectionately referred to him as “baby puffin.” As time went on, she started to feel a yearning for a family.

Credit: Holly Madison Facebook
Credit: Holly Madison Facebook

The two started trying for a baby despite the sixty-year age gap. It never came to fruition and after Season 5, all three women announced their departure from the mansion. Holly moved to Las Vegas to start a new career, write a few tell-all books, and get married. She had two children while Hef got married to Crystal Harris before he ultimately passed away. Now, Holly is divorced and living her best life. However, she is adamant her voice be heard

The Haunted Mansion

Though she left the mansion thirteen years ago, what happened there still haunts Holly Madison to this day. The New York Post wrote about an upcoming A&E docuseries entitled Secrets of Playboy. Holly will appear in it, discussing what she went through, emotionally and mentally, at the hands of the late Playboy founder. It is not the first time Holly has talked openly about these horrors but it is only further reiterating life was not all rainbows and butterflies.

Credit: Hugh Hefner IG
Credit: Hugh Hefner IG

“I got to a point where I kind of broke under that pressure and being made to feel like I needed to look exactly like everybody else,” shared Madison, 41. This became too hard for her so she chose to chop off her blond locks. Instead of being greeted with a warm reception, Hef flipped out on her. He told her she looked “old, hard and cheap.” She admits living there was a “dangerous choice.” Drugs also frequently floated around. Quaaludes were used to get the women to do what the men wanted most times.

Credit: Hugh Hefner IG
Credit: Hugh Hefner IG

Lisa Loving Barrett was Hef’s secretary and executive assistant, knew of the quaaludes and their exact purpose. “Quaaludes were what we called leg-spreaders. That was the whole point of them. They were a necessary evil, if you will, to the partying.” She added several of the employees or girlfriends had prescriptions in their names. Loving left the mansion in 1989 after twelve years.

Are you surprised by Holly Madison’s revelations? There is so much more unearthed including prostitution, suicide, and murder. Don’t miss the first part of Secrets of Playboy airing on January 24th on A&E.

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