‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Says She’s ‘Smart Enough’ Not To Repeat Relationship Mistakes

Tammy Slaton

In the latest episode of 1000-Lb. SistersTammy, Amy, and Chris are each dealing with their own personal struggles. Tammy specifically has only been home from rehab a short while, and despite making amazing progress during her stay, is falling back into old habits. Her family, Chris in particular, think that Tammy’s new relationship is holding her back from achieving the goals that the doctor has set in place for her. Is Tammy really in a healthy relationship this time or has she fallen for yet another man who will enable her addiction? Read on to get the details about Tammy’s latest romance.

Tammy Slaton Has Her Heart Broken

In the very last episode of Season 2, Tammy announces that she and her former boyfriend, Jerry, have called it quits. The two had been dating on and off over the first two seasons. Unfortunately, after seeing what Tammy’s daily struggles were like and how much care she needed, he seemed to suddenly disappear.

While disappointing for Tammy, it wasn’t unexpected. Towards the end of the second season, producers asked Jerry if he felt ready to take on the responsibility that comes with being in love with Tammy. He laughed nervously and shook his head no. Details of the breakup weren’t shared on-air, but many have hypothesized that the heat from Tammy’s family added to the reality of how dependent she might become on him was enough to scare him off for good. Thankfully, the breakup did seem to be in Tammy’s best interest as shortly after she made the decision to check into a rehab facility for her food addiction.

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Tammy Slaton Falls In Love… Again

During the first few episodes of Season 3, viewers are introduced to the idea that Tammy has moved on from Jerry and has now found herself a new man. Her boyfriend’s name is Phillip and the pair met online. He proclaims himself the BBW King and says he is only interested in very large 300+ pound women.

Tammy and her new beau have met in person at least once, and have spent a considerable amount of time talking on the phone and via the internet. When asked by Amy what she likes about him, she says, “everything.” She also goes on to say that she loves being able to talk to him on the phone for hours about anything. She says she feels accepted and believes he really cares about her and has her best interest at heart.

Tammy’s family, however, doesn’t necessarily believe that’s the case.

Chris and Misty Get Real With Their Sister

Chris saw rumors online that Tammy was dating someone, and shortly thereafter saw videos of Phillip that confirmed his suspicions. He became absolutely furious with his sister’s poor decision-making. Tammy just left a toxic, enabling relationship with Jerry, only to land herself in yet another, toxic enabling relationship. At least, that’s what he believes. In confessionals with the camera and conversations with their siblings, Chris expresses that Tammy has a horrible track record of picking men who will give her the attention she desires. She repeatedly dates men interested only in catering to their “feeder” fetish. This often leaves her heartbroken and turning further into her addiction.

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Chris notices that after coming home from rehab, Tammy has lost interest in her weight loss routines, she’s making bad food choices, and has fallen back into denial about the seriousness of her addiction. Knowing that her weight is likely going up and that she likely won’t have the results that Dr. Eric is looking for, Chris and Misty opt to confront Tammy about their concerns.

Tammy is combative as usual when the subject of her weight gain comes up. Her emotions quickly change, however, when her siblings suggest that her new relationship might be playing a part in her recent lack of motivation. Tammy, of course, refuses to hear them out, immediately feeling angry and attacked. The conversation ended in heated words, with Chris storming out and Tammy shutting down and refusing to talk to anyone.

Tammy Slaton Knows Her Family Loves Her

Days later, after things have cooled a bit, Tammy reveals in a confessional that she knows that her family loves her. She acknowledges that she understands they do what they do out of care and concern for her well-being. Tammy also says that her family needs to understand that she is “smart enough to not go be with someone like my exes.”

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Sadly, for Tammy, her family doesn’t appear to think the same way she does. In fact, they are quite worried that Tammy’s newfound love interest may just turn into Jerry 2.0. Especially considering that he has, on multiple occasions, published videos online elaborating on how he doesn’t want to be with a woman below 300 pounds. In a one-on-one with the camera, Tammy said that she was O.k with this – alluding that she would halt her weight loss progress if she hit 300 pounds so that she could keep him happy.

As much as her family loves her and is pushing her to succeed, many think that Tammy will choose toxic, enabling men over her health goals every time. Will her family eventually give up on her? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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