‘Sister Wives’: Why Does Christine Brown Feel ‘Unsafe’ Alone With Kody?

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Christine Brown made the decision to leave her spiritual marriage with Kody earlier this year. While the celeb was kind enough to give her fans a bit of insight into her choice, many were left with a lot of questions regarding events at the end of the relationship. Now, in the latest episode of Sister Wives, fans are really starting to get a more detailed look at how unhappy Christine was. In this latest emotion-packed episode, viewers will find out that at one point, Christine walks away from a conversation with Kody telling him and viewers that she felt ‘unsafe.’ Why was this sister-wife feeling threatened? Was her personal safety at risk being alone with Kody? Ready on to find out about the latest Sister Wives revelations.

Christine Says She’s Only Pretending

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, the ladies of the Brown family sit down and finally hash out an agreement regarding the land lots. The conversation is well mannered and honest, and results in the group finally agreeing on who will own and/or reside on each of the five lots. While there is a bit of tension at first between Janelle and Christine Brown over lot placement, the group quickly comes to an amicable agreement.

Realizing what a huge milestone they have reached by agreeing on their lots, Kody’s four wives take a moment to celebrate. Christine Brown can be heard saying how ‘awesome’ and ‘excited’ as she cheers along with the other wives. Robyn reveals that it is an emotional moment for her, and is feeling joyous about having worked together as a family. Janelle and Meri seemed content to have the situation resolved.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Photo Credit: TLC| Sister Wives

Despite the group being all smiles about the resolution of the land plots, Christine reveals in a one-on-one with the camera that for her, the celebration was all an act. She desperately wants to be a team player, but the emotional weight of the situation is starting to really affect her. She confesses that, at this point, all she can do is pretend.

Christine Brown Says She Feels Unsafe

Later on in the episode, Kody meets Christine down at the property. He called her because he wanted to talk to her, seemingly about the family officially not wanting to move back to Utah. When he arrives, he jumps into the bed of the truck, gesturing at the landscape of the mountains behind them. He tells her that if she stands where he is, she could envision where her porch would be, insinuating that the view would be lovely.

Christine immediately shuts down, and Kody apologizes to her for getting her hopes up during their first conversation. He tells her that he has talked to everyone but doesn’t want her to think that her sister-wives are against her, even though they all have their very specific reasons for not wanting to move back. While Kody genuinely tries to be gentle about it, Christine seems to be in an intense emotional state at the moment and doesn’t feel that she is able to continue with the conversation.

“This isn’t safe, this conversation isn’t safe anymore,” she says out loud, as she stands up. Kody looks confused and asks for clarification, but Christine doesn’t give him any. She gets up, walking away to where she was parked. “I won’t talk to you,” she said, sobbing.

Was Christine Physically Unsafe?

While it would seem without context that Christine’s actions would signify her feeling threatened or in danger – that doesn’t seem to be the case. Judging by the entire interaction it seems that Christine didn’t feel emotionally safe at that moment with Kody.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown Youtube

Over the last few episodes, the celeb has alluded to being very emotional over the entire situation. Fans have heard her time and time again talk about not feeling loved, cared for or even heard by Kody. It’s likely, having heard that he had spoken to all the other women and then bringing her an answer, she felt very powerless. Its very clear to viewers that she feels undervalued and pushed aside. She says that she’s not sure that she can live on the property, pretending that everything is fine while she watches Kody have other happy, functioning marriages just yards away from her.

So, while it doesn’t appear that Christine Brown was in any real, physical danger, her emotional safety is something that she also needed to consider. The finality of deciding on permanent lots seemed to have stirred Christine’s emotions about not wanting to stay in Arizona. Now that Kody has made it clear that she is the odd-woman out in this decision – it’s clear to see that this may have been one of the strongest motivations in her finally leaving Kody later on.

Do you think this will prove to be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back? Tell us in the comments.

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