‘Hawkeye’ New Deaf Character Is A HUGE Deal

Echo in the Hawkeye
Nick Davis

Episode 3 of Marvel’s newest show Hawkeye is out today. It’s jam-packed end to end with all the action and high accuracy bow shots you would want from the original Avenger. There was a new character introduced, as well. A disabled butt-kicker known only as Maya in the episode. But long-time comics fans know her as Echo, and they’re just as excited for her debut as they are for the other new character, the Swordsman

Echo: How She Ties Into The MCU

In the episode we see Maya AKA Echo as the antagonist, but far from an unsympathetic one. She’s attempting to hunt down the Ronin (an alias of Hawkeye) after he murdered her father right in front of her. Ironically, in the comics, it’s actually Echo herself who passes down the title of Ronin to Clint Barton! The appearance of Echo in the MCU has many fans wildly excited. Not just for the upcoming Echo Disney+ series that was recently announced, but also because of the character’s ties to Daredevil.

The only shot Marvel has shared from Echo’s Disney+ show so far.

Marvel’s Daredevil show on Netflix was a wild success for its three seasons. Considered one of the best Netflix originals, it sparked a number of other MCU-adjacent Netflix shows. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Punisher, to name a few. It was ultimately canceled, however, around the same time Disney+ and its line of Marvel shows were announced. Marvel fans haven’t forgotten about the show, though. And there has been a lot of speculation around the character making a return in Echo’s upcoming show.

In the comics, Echo was raised by Daredevil’s archrival the Kingpin (AKA Wilson Fisk) after her father was murdered. It’s unknown what Echo’s ultimate connection to these characters will be in the MCU. But the rumors that both Kingpin and Daredevil will appear in the Echo show (release date TBA) are strong and growing every day.

Her Other MCU Ties

The new phase of the MCU will usher in dozens of new characters with long histories in the comics. Some are confirmed and some are just rumored, but we can see potential relationships Echo might have in the MCU based on her relationships in the comics. One of those relationships is with Moon Knight, whose show we’ll be seeing on Disney+ in 2022. They have a very flirty and combat-filled relationship in the comics which ultimately is cut short by Echo being murdered. It’s unknown at this time if Echo will appear in the Moon Knight first season.

As one of the only Native American heroes in the MCU, she also has ties to the other Native American heroes. The vast majority of whom are in the X-men. The X-men are not confirmed as appearing in this phase of the MCU yet. But fans are excited and speculating nonetheless.

Echo is being portrayed by Alaqua Cox. A deaf actress and Native American hailing from Wyoming, she couldn’t be more perfect for this fan-favorite character. Hopefully, she’ll have a lot more action to see in Hawkeye, and will be with us in the MCU for the long haul.

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