‘Hawkeye’ SPOILERS: Who Is The Swordsman, Could He Change The Avengers Forever?

Nick Davis

Last week we got the first two episodes of the long-awaited solo adventure for the Avenger’s Hawkeye. The talk of the show has been Kate Bishop. A character well known in the comics-sphere as the girl who took up the mantle of Hawkeye for a time back in the early 2010s. There was another Avengers mainstay character introduced, however, who played a prominent role in both episodes. And he has many long-time Avengers fans excited at the possibilities.

Of course, this is Jacquese Duquesne (Pronounced Jack Doo-kayne). He’s already being set up as one of the big villains of the show after apparently assassinating his own uncle at the end of episode 1. Fans know Jack much better by his alter-ego Swordsman, and his history with the Avengers dates all the way back to 1963!

Hawkeye & The Swordsman

In Episode 2, we got our first taste of the Swordsman’s dangerously exciting abilities after a fencing match with Kate Bishop proves her sword-fighting capabilities don’t quite stack up. He was very clearly holding back, and Duquesne fans are more than excited to see his true abilities displayed in all their glory in future episodes. Especially since he got his hands on Clint Barton’s old Ronin sword. We’re just getting started.

Jacquese is being portrayed by Tony Dalton. Well known for his role as Lalo Salamanca in the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. Dalton has been keeping quiet about the Swordsman’s role in the Hawkeye series. And he’s been keeping even quieter about his possible presence in the MCU moving forward. But in an interview with Collider he appears very excited about the show. Even if he’s unwilling to tell us much more than the research he did approaching the role.

Jacquese’s first appearance with a sword in the show.

The Swordsman’s Long History in the Comics

The Swordsman has not only been a notorious villain of the Avengers, with ties to Hawkeye’s origins as a superhero. But he was also a member of the Avengers. He fought side-by-side with the team he used to try and destroy. He even fell in love with a Guardians of the Galaxy favorite, Mantis. Ultimately, in the comics he met his demise at the hands of a big villain currently being built-up in the MCU after his Loki debut: Kang the Conqueror.

He could possibly just serve as an antagonist in the Hawkeye series and go no further. But his ties to many other characters still very much active in the MCU makes it much easier to believe that Jacques Duquesne is just getting his start here on disney+. We can very likely expect to see him coming to the big screen very soon. We’ll have to get into his connection to Wandavision antagonist Agatha Harkness another time!

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