‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Gives Update On Copying Christine

Janelle and Christine Brown Instagram

While it’s not something that the ladies from the TLC hit Sister Wives would like to admit, there is a lot of competition between Kody Brown’s leading ladies – even if they aren’t all currently “married” to him. In fact, Janelle Brown shared a post on Instagram recently, sharing what her clan was up to for Thanksgiving. The celeb reluctantly admitted to followers that, in certain ways, she didn’t quite measure up to former Sister wife, Christine. Read on to find out how Janelle feels she is lacking.

Janelle Celebrates Thanksgiving In North Carolina

The first episode of season sixteen revealed to us that unfortunately, the family is quite estranged at the moment. While several of the ladies are more relaxed about their at-home covid protocols, Kody is not willing to bend on what he feels will keep the family safe. Sadly, this means that he rarely sees his wives or children. And, despite Janelle’s protest, had no plans to celebrate holidays as a unit this year. So, as the typical family gatherings seemed to be out of the question, Janelle headed off to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with her daughter, Maddie, and her two young grandkids.

Janelle Brown Celebrates Thanksgiving 2021
Photo Credit: Instagram| Janelle Brown

Despite a long, nearly cross-country trip, Janelle seemed to enjoy the time she got to spend with her eldest daughter. “Thanksgiving with my east coast kids this year,” the celeb wrote in her latest Instagram post. She also says that she and Maddie’s two littles, Axel and Evie, spent some time putting together jigsaw puzzles as a family.

In a photo that accompanied the post, Janelle sat on the front steps of Maddie’s North Carolina home. Wearing a casual top and some comfy blue jeans, the reality star sat with her legs outstretched in front of her. The proud grandmother snuggled both Axel and Evie, one under each arm. All three looked cheerful and had huge smiles across their face as they posed for the camera.

Janelle Brown Can’t Compete With Christine

In addition to letting fans know that she was down south for the holidays, the Sister Wives star reveals that unfortunately she just doesn’t quite compare when it comes to… Christine’s rolls. Yep, it seems that Kody’s former wife, Christine Brown, makes rolls that had been a family favorite for years. While the wives couldn’t be together this year, Janelle tried to bring a bit of Brown family tradition to North Carolina.

Janelle Brown Celebrates Thanksgiving
Photo Credit: Instagram| Janelle Brown

“Jigsaw puzzles and my first attempt at Christine’s rolls,” Janelle wrote in her holiday post, “They aren’t perfect but everyone says I came close.”  She also included a snap of the “imitation” rolls that she had made in her post. While a little crispy around the edges, these jumbo oversized crescent rolls definitely looked like a crowdpleaser.

In addition to being nostalgic for large Brown family celebrations, Christine Brown’s daughter, Ysabel recently moved in with Maddie and her family. After finishing school, she made the move to North Carolina. She is currently staying with her half-sister until she finds her own place. Did Janelle’s roll attempt pass the Ysabel sniff test?

Janelle Brown celebrates Thanksgiving Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram| Janelle Brown

The post also included a touching photo of the family holding hands in prayer around Maddie’s kitchen table. As everyone bows their heads, Maddie sits across the table from her sister. Each of them holds one of Maddie’s children’s hands. This small sect of the Brown clan seemed to have a lot to be thankful for this year. It looks like they enjoyed spending the holiday together, even if the rest of the family couldn’t be with them.


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