Adam Busby’s Latest Antic Leaves Beaux Horrified?

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Everyone knows Danielle and Adam Busby love to include their kids in all activities for the holidays. Recently the family took a trip to Santaland in Texas for a holiday-filled adventure. While Danielle Busby said it felt earlier, she was really ready for the holiday season.

The holiday celebrations also extend to their fur-kids. Especially Beaux. Whenever Adam shares a picture of the family’s French bulldog, it gets a lot of attention. Beaux also has his own Instagram with over fifty thousand followers.  Beaux’s expression in this newest picture points to his dad taking it too far this time.

Like we reported the whole family loves their sweet puppy. He even takes the girls to school with Adam in the car. With six little energetic girls to play with, he sure enjoys some downtime while they are at school. He’s certainly just as spoiled as they are.

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Adam Says Beaux Busby Is Mortified

Adam dressed Beaux Busby up for a photoshoot. In a photo shared to his Instagram he captioned it, “He is absolutely mortified.” The picture shows a very stoic-looking Beaux with reindeer antlers on. It’s adorable.  One fan wanted to know if Gus also had reindeer antlers. Gus is the other family dog, a Bichon Frise Shih Tzu mix. His teddy bear looks would do great with some antlers. Fans hope maybe Adam will post a shoot with the two of them together.

Beaux Busby, Adam Busby, Instagram

When the family got Gus, Danielle Busby posted on her Instagram, “Gus & Beaux have become the bestest of buddies and it’s so cute.” The girls instantly took to the puppies and the Busbys joked they finally got baby boys in a family full of girls.

Fans Sympathized With The Puppy

One said, “Haha that’s the face of a pup that’s ready to throw.” Another said, “He is saying: really dad you had to take a picture of me with those reindeer antlers on.”

Fans just love the adorable snap of the pup and can’t wait to see him beside his sisters. One fan said, “The cutest Reindeer I ever saw!” Another said, “Look at Beaux all ready for Christmas. He’s a backup reindeer.” Adam featured Beaux in his story today. In his story, Adam showed Beaux barking behind the fence when he pulled into the driveway. Adam arriving home from a session at the gym said, “How does this guy not still recognize my truck.”

Read about why Adam says his girls only have dogs and not a cat here.

Do you think Adam should have tried a whole Santa outfit? Comment with your thoughts below. For all things, OutDaughtered come back to TV Shows Ace.

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