Danielle Busby Admits She’s A Little Early: See Photos

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Danielle Busby had some cute and fun pictures to share with her fans. There’s a hot debate over the holidays and it’s the same every year. The debate on what is too early for Christmas decorations feels a little different this year. The pandemic has caused people to find joy in things and a lot of people find joy in decorating early for Christmas. Danielle acknowledged she’s a little early.

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In a cute picture with her husband Adam Busby, she said, “I know it’s early but it’s what our schedule allowed! Bring on all this Christmas!” The couple is in front of some white Christmas trees with a ton of lights and they look incredibly happy. Like we reported Danielle has been busy traveling a lot lately. Despite getting negative comments every time she leaves her girls with Adam, the mother of six is thriving. It’s good that she’s able to take a little time to spend for the holidays as a family.

In a recent post with her sisters, she said she was celebrating their birthdays because she was going out of town. She then hashtagged, yes again and no comment needed. Fans still threw shade a bit. One said, “Adam takes care of the girls more than her cause she is gone on her trips so much I watch the show but probably won’t much anymore.” Other fans told that one to mind their business.

Danielle Busby Also Took The Kids To Santaland

Danielle Busby kept the Christmas spirit going with the kids. The quints; Hazel, Riley, Parker, Ava, and Olivia Busby all wore cute pink jackets. Blayke Busby wore a black jacket with a matching hat. On the picture of the family, Danielle captioned it, “Santa’s Wonderland Fun! I could live in the Christmas season all year.” 

Instagram, Danielle Busby

There’s a building lit up red and green in the background with the words Merry Texas Christmas Y’all on it. Four of the quints took the below picture with a giant gingerbread man. They also posed with a polar bear. Also in her story, Busby shared a picture of Adam with a large camera captioning it, “he cute,” with a heart. Fans not only love the family but the cute relationship between Adam and Danielle.

Instagram, Danielle Busby

Fans Love The Family’s Christmas Spirit

Fans commented on Danielle Busby’s pictures about how cute the girls are and how much they love the family. One said, “The girls look so beautiful! Such a fabulous picture! Sending prayers and loving thoughts through the holiday seasons!” Another said, “You have a gorgeous family & I’ve loved watching all the girls grow!”

Instagram, Danielle Busby

What do you think about the debate over what’s too early for Christmas decorations? How do you feel about the Busbys getting into the spirit? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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