Michael Allio Had A Response To Katie Thurston’s Song Choice For Him

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Katie Thurston has been throwing shade at her exes with her Instagram series, Twelve Days of Messy. Not all of the Taylor Swift songs she chooses are messy. While she said she was just having fun and doing what she wanted, fans haven’t necessarily supported her effort.

The song she dedicated to fan-favorite Michael Allio actually broke a few fans’ hearts. They saw how devastating it was for Katie when he left the show. The song she chose for him is about a former flame that she wants to get back with.

She dedicated, “I Almost Do” to him and fans took it to mean she wanted to reach out to maybe rekindle something.

Katie Thurston Could Want Michael Allio Back

Katie Thurston didn’t just post his song to her Instagram getting fans speculating. Thurston also posted lyrics on Twitter and asked Taylor Swift to help her deliver a message to someone from her season.

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She started the tweet with lyrics from, “All to Well,” saying, “I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it.”

She ended with, “Message in a Bottle,” lyrics saying, “Message in a bottle is all I can do, standing here hopin’ it gets to you.”

One fan said she supported her, but she was posting a lot. They said, “As much as I love you for who you are, the only way you are going to find yourself is to stay away from social media and the spotlight.”

Michael Allio Responded In The Sweetest Way

Katie Thurston got a response from Michael Allio to the song she gave him. It might not have been what she expected.

He shared on his Instagram story, the picture she’d put on hers with his song “I Almost Do.” He said, “Thanks, friend. You’re an amazing human and I’m certain you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. I got yo back! Stay classy San Diego.”

Fans Had Mixed Reactions To Michael’s Post

Katie Thurston has a lot of fans who will go to bat for her. After one fan saying, “This is so embarrassing,” one fan had a rebuttal.

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Others were not as quick to support her choice. One commented on the Bachelor Nation Scoop Instagram, “Maybe saying nothing would have been better.”  Another said, “That’s a friend zone if I’ve ever seen one.”

What do you think about Katie’s choice for Michael? What do you think her choice for Greg Grippo will be? Comment with your thoughts down below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelorette. 

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