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Greg Grippo, Justin Glaze, & More React To Katie Thurston’s Shade

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Katie Thurston has been posting a series on her Instagram called Twelve Days of Messy. Each day she is picking a Taylor Swift song for each of her exes. Day one was Blake Moynes her ex-fiance. She chose, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” which fans thought was mean. This is especially true because they just split up and gave the impression it was amicable.

For Andrew Spencer, she chose, “Run,”, for Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall’s bromance she chose, “Girl at Home.” The series caused Becca Kufrin to unfollow her on Instagram over her giving Thomas Jacobs, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Thomas and Becca are very serious about each other, so it makes sense she’d support him.

Mikey Planeta got, “Holy Ground.” Hunter Montgomery got “22.” That one was strange sense Montgomery was the oldest out of the men. Michael Allio got, “I Almost Do.” She doesn’t care about the backlash. She posted on her Instagram, “I’m going to be exactly me. The good. The bad. The ugly.” She went on to say she’s not here to gain followers.

In her post yesterday, she chose Connor Brennan and the song playing is, “Starlight.”

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Greg Grippo, Andrew Spencer, Mike Planeta, And Justin Glaze React

Zachary Reality on TikTok posted the below video with Greg Grippo, Andrew Spencer, Mike Planeta, And Justin Glaze all face-timing.

TikTok, Zachary Reality

Zachary has been covering Katie’s series the whole time. He also said a new post that Katie made on her Instagram saying she wanted Taylor Swift to send someone from her season, “Message in A Bottle,” could be for John Hershey.

In the video, Andrew who loves stirring the pot says, “Mikey what are your thoughts on the twelve days of messy.”

Mike doesn’t know what he’s talking about at first but then he says, “oh you’re talking about the…” while Andrew laughs hysterically. Greg just looks unamused while Justin rolls his eyes. One fan said, “I feel like they all don’t like her anymore.”  Another posted, “would you?”

Katie Thurston Doesn’t Care About Backlash

They hang up with Andrew and Justin says, “messy Drew.” Katie commented on the video saying Justin Glaze is tomorrow.” Zachary commented, “Andrew is messy! Greg  Grippo tried to play it cool and Mikey and Justin just wanted to be respectful to Katie.”

Fans were not happy with her for comment. One said, “the answer to the question no one asked.” Another said, “girl ur 5 mins of fame are up.”

She went right ahead unbothered and posted Justin Glaze today with the song, “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic.”

Katie Thurston, Instagram

What do you think about Katie’s Twelve Days of Messy series? How did you feel about the men’s reactions? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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