Terry Bradshaw’s Daughter Rachel Horrified At Dad’s Choice Of Words

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Terry Bradshaw has the best intentions when it comes to helping his daughter Rachel Bradshaw. His best-laid plans don’t always have the best outcomes. Last season on The Bradshaw Bunch he felt like he helped by placing ads around town that said, “Seal the Deal with Rachel Bradshaw.”

It didn’t seem inappropriate to him until she pointed out what all of Dallas thought that meant. In the newest episode, he once again tried to help his daughter. Rachel said she finally felt ready to make music again. She hadn’t been after losing her husband, so it’s a big deal.

Successful country singer Rachel lost her husband, NFL player, Rob Bironas to a tragic car accident in 2014. Now that she expressed trying to get back into music, Terry wanted to do something.

What Did Terry Bradshaw Do To Help?

Terry Bradshaw was happy when Rachel played him a new song she’d written. Terry immediately decided to create her new album cover. Despite Terry’s wife Tammy Bradshaw thinking he should get her input, he moved forward with it.

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When he got the printing company on the phone, he was really excited. According to E-News, he told his wife, “there’s a very thin line between interfering and helping.”

He told Rachel what he had done for her over the phone. When she stopped by the house, she saw what her father had done. Overeager, Terry had already ordered 5000 copies of the single cover. While the picture was one she liked, it was the words on the image that gave her pause.

What Did The Album Say?

The album cover Terry Bradshaw designed for Rachel has a picture of her in a pair of coveralls with one strap undone. Beneath she has a sheer black shirt on. The picture doesn’t bother her as much as what Terry wrote. Underneath her name it says, “bares it all.”

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She tells her dad that it isn’t appropriate and that it screams, “Rachel takes her clothes off, basically.” He tells her he was saying she’s baring her soul with her music.

She Reminded Him Of Past Mistakes

She asked her dad if he’d learned nothing from the ads he’d put on the benches. Tammy said, “you know what the hardest thing about being a parent is? You raise your kids to grow up to be able to take care of themselves.”

She went on to say you have to let them do it alone. In the end, Rachel acknowledged he had just been trying to help. Terry also saw where he’d gone wrong.  Do you think Terry Bradshaw knew what he was doing for laughs or it was an honest mistake? Comment with your thoughts below.

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