Hannah Brown Reveals Tyler Cameron Rejected Her

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

Hannah Brown is set to release her first book next week titled God Bless This Mess. In the book, she details her journey as The Bachelorette and the pain and issues that followed. One of those issues is Tyler Cameron. Hannah sent Tyler home and ended up giving her final rose to Jed Wyatt. However, the two split before her finale ever aired. Fans all over were rooting for her and Tyler to reconnect. However, life had other things in mind. Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown talks Tyler Cameron

Fans know that on the After the Final Rose special that Hannah Brown asked Tyler Cameron out. He accepted and the two spent time together at her California home. Fans were excited when they saw him leave her place in the morning hours.

Hannah spoke of that time they spent together and People shared all the details. She said, “We had really intimate conversations about planning trips and things.” Hannah continued, “I wanted it to work and to know that everything had happened for a reason. But maybe there was some miscommunication of what that meant.”

A few days later, photos of Tyler with Gigi Hadid surfaced. Hannah admits she was crushed. She said she was caught off guard by the announcement of the two of them dating. She said, “I knew we were not together or openly dating, but just from the conversations we’d had, it was so shocking — and so public.”

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via Instagram
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron

Hannah even told Tyler she understood when really she was hurting.

She didn’t talk to him for months until news of his mother being hospitalized surfaced. Then, her brother overdosed. The two were able to bond once again over the hurt they were both going through. When Tyler’s mom tragically passed away, Hannah went to Florida to support him.

The two ended up being forced to stay together when the pandemic put everyone on lockdown. Sometimes days would pass without Tyler ever speaking to her.

Hannah said, “There was nothing romantic about that time.” She continued,  “We didn’t even kiss! And it was really confusing because I told him I still had feelings for him and he rejected me.”

Hannah Brown | Instagram

Not the only bombshell dropped by Hannah

Hannah also admitted that she and Peter Weber hooked up and slept together while his season was still airing on television. However, there was no spark between them. Peter was still infatuated with Madison Prewett.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber via Instagram
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber

In the end, things worked out for Hannah. She’s been happily dating Adam Woolard for more than a year. Fans are thinking perhaps he will be popping the question soon.

What do you think about Tyler rejecting Hannah? Are you going to read her new book?



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