Hannah Brown Admits Hooking Up With Peter Weber After ‘The Bachelor’

Hannah Brown via Instagram

Hannah Brown is releasing her first book next week and she’s sharing some crazy details ahead of the launch. In one of her latest interviews, Hannah revealed shocking information about Peter Weber. The two had some crazy chemistry and moments on-air during his Bachelor season. Now, she’s sharing that more did in fact happen between them. Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown reveals details about Peter Weber

People shared the shocking news that Hannah Brown actually hooked up with Peter Weber again. It actually happened while his season of The Bachelor was airing. Prior to getting to the good stuff, she reflected on how she felt when she decided to send him home after their fantasy suite date on The Bachelorette. 

Hannah said, “I was so upset breaking up with him. I know he really did care about me and he’s such a great guy. I was really confused.”

Of course, fans know that Hannah and Peter shared the infamous four-time sleepover in the windmill during their fantasy suite date. He finished third on her season with Tyler Cameron being runner-up and Jed Wyatt winning her final rose.

Hannah Brown and Peter Weber via Instagram
Hannah Brown and Peter Weber

When Peter was announced as the next lead for the show, she said it helped her deter her feelings for him. Hannah admits she wasn’t sure if she could ever completely get there with Peter. Hannah ended up going on his season to host a group date. However, neither were prepared for how they would feel.

Hannah said, “Going back and seeing him as the Bachelor, it brought up a lot.” Hannah revealed that off camera, “Peter told me he’d quit the show, 100 percent, if I could say that I wanted to be with him. I wanted to go on a date with him, but I couldn’t say that I knew for sure.”

So, she left and Peter stayed as fans know. What happened next?

The bachelor Hannah B Peter Weber
The bachelor Hannah B Peter Weber

Hannah and Peter hooked up

Hannah Brown went on to say that she’d heard that Peter and Hannah Ann Sluss were having problems. His season began airing in January 2020. In February, they both attended an engagement party for Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour.

She and Peter left together and ended up in bed as well. However, Hannah said there was no chemistry. She said, “The chemistry just wasn’t there.” Hannah continued, “It just sucked. And then, I found out he had another girl [runner-up Madison Prewett] on his mind. It was all so bizarre.”

Hannah says she and Weber have not spoken since then. Her book details all this and more. God Bless This Mess releases November 23.

Peter Weber is also set to launch a new book next week.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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