Fans Say Meredith Marks Called The Feds On Jen Shah?

Meredith Marks, Jen Shah, YouTube

Meredith Marks alluded to having evidence against Jen Shah. The reality star spoke to David Yontef on the, “Behind The Velvet Rope,” podcast. She and Shah haven’t been great friends during their time on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. In the latest episode of the show, she admitted she’d hired a PI to look into Shah.

Last season Meredith lost all respect for Jen when she was exposing herself in a short dress, and Marks’ son Brooks was upset about it. After this incident, Shah liked a few tweets about Meredith’s son that solidified their feud.

Did Meredith Marks Call The Feds On Jen Shah?

Fans witnessed Jen Shah being arrested as the other RHOSLC members looked on. Fans immediately thought Meredith Marks called them to come and get her. While David didn’t get a clear answer about it, according to The Sun, he asked her many times if she called the fed.

Meredith Marks, Jen Shah, YouTube

Jen is facing up to thirty years in prison for fraud if she’d found guilty. Joining her in the alleged accusations is Stuart Smith, who is Shah’s assistant. They were charged with, “conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and conspiracy to commit money laundering.”

What Did She Have To Say About Turning Jen In?

When Meredith Marks was once again asked if she called the feds, she talked in a bit of a circle. Marks said she wasn’t the jury, but she had a question for him. Meredith said, “I have no idea, but let’s say that I really have all this evidence like of these horrible things. What do you do?”

David gave it back to her and told her to tell him the answer. Meredith said, “well that’s the big question. You’ll have to wait and see. And it boils down to what evidence you have.”

What Did Jen Shah Do?

It seems Meredith does have evidence she felt was important to share. She said she didn’t want to be accused of aiding and abetting Jen. Marks said, “if you honestly believe the elderly are being defrauded, it’s [sic] human obligation to do something like that.”

Meredith Marks, Jen Shah, YouTube

Meredith is implying she did the right thing turning her in if she did turn her in, but she’s being aloof on purpose. The other housewives may have had their suspicions, but didn’t speak out. Like we reported Lisa Barlow said she knew Jen did lead generation. She thought the business was a little shady, but concluded it wasn’t her business.

Now, the truth will come as the RHOSLC deal with the aftermath of her arrest. To read more about Jen Shah’s arrest go here. What do you think about Meredith Mark’s role in the arrest of Jen Shah? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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