‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Shares Special Moment With Gage Pre-Rehab [See Photos]

Tammy Slaton

During Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, many fans worried that Tammy Slaton shouldn’t spend time with Gage. In addition to her physical limitations, viewers felt that she expressed resentment and anger towards the newborn. Some thought her depression and mood swings might make her a danger to him. Have Tammy’s feelings toward her nephew changed? Read on to find out how Tammy and Gage’s relationship has progressed.

Overcoming Resentment

Over the years, Tammy Slaton has become physically dependent on her sister for all her basic needs. After capping out at over 608 pounds, Tammy relies on her sister to help with even the smallest tasks.

Last year, Amy got pregnant and gave birth to her son, Gage in November of 2020. While the pregnancy brought only joy and happiness to Mom, fans couldn’t help but notice the anger and resentment rolling off Tammy’s face every time the baby was mentioned.

After Gage was born, Amy could no longer supply Tammy with 100% of her attention. She and her husband, Michael had a plethora of new responsibilities and challenges. Unfortunately, it was very clear that Tammy quickly became irrationally jealous of Gage because she felt abandoned by Amy.

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Tammy And Gage’s Relationship Today

As Season 3 begins, we get to see Tammy interacting with her various family members. Before she heads off to rehabilitation for her food addiction, her siblings sit down with her individually to give her encouragement.

In one of the opening scenes, Amy comes by to check on Tammy before she leaves, bringing baby Gage along with her. During the conversation, Tammy asks her sister if she will miss her. “Not Really,” Amy jokes “But Gage will.”

When Amy came into the room, she immediately reaches her arms out for her Nephew who turned and reached for her as well. The next time the camera pans back to her, Gage is comfy and laying across her chest knocked out and cozy while his Aunt Tammy rocks him to sleep and lovingly rubs his back.

Tammy Slaton Is Making Improvements

A year later, it really seems that Tammy has come to terms with her sister not being able to take care of her 100% of the time. The TLC star has definitely done some maturing when it comes to how she views her nephew and off-screen the two of them have developed a special loving relationship with is evident in the way she holds and interacts with him.

Photo Credit: TLC- Youtube

During the first episode of Season 3, producers ask Tammy what she will miss when she goes to rehab. Her list only included a few things.

“My bed, Gage, my house, and I guess.. her,” she joked pointing at her sister sitting beside her.

While said jokingly, Gage being second on the list gives us reason to think that Tammy does at least want to try to get better, if for no other reason than getting to see her nephew grow up.

Are you relieved to see that Tammy Slaton and Gage have finally bonded in a healthy way? Let us know in the comments.

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