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‘Storage Wars’: Are Brandi Passante And Kenny Crossley Working Together?

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This season on Storage Wars viewers have noticed that Brandi Passante and Kenny Crossley seem to be working together. What is really going on? Well, it turns out that they are really good friends. Also, without Jarrod in the picture, Brandi does need someone to talk to about her great locker finds. Brandi shows up and does the bidding, but it seems Kenny is by her side while she is going through items and selling them. He also does some of the heavy lifting for her now and then.

Brandi Passante and Kenny’s Friendship

Brandi Passante and Kenny love working together and you can tell. She is staging houses now, so Brandi is always looking for a good find for her homes. Kenny doesn’t mind a gamble and looking through some junk to see if he can find a treasure. These two keep helping each other out. This week on Storage Wars, Brandi found a few clowns to have looked at. Kenny went along with her and even teased her about her fear of clowns!

Brandi shared that Kenny texts her every day. She said he will send her things like, “How are you doing, homegirl? Are you alright? You doing okay? You gonna make me something to eat soon?” It sounds like these two are pretty close.

Storage Wars - Brandi - Jarrod
Storage Wars – Brandi – Jarrod You Tube

Working Together

It sounds like Brandi and Kenny don’t actually work together, but instead, they just help each other out. When Brandi was on the show with Jarrod, she had someone to banter with and talk to about her finds. Now that they are not together anymore, Storage Wars found her someone to have a great relationship with on the show. It is interesting seeing how they interact with each other each week.

Brandi’s Moving On

If you follow Brandi on her Instagram, she seems to be doing just fine since her split from Jarrod. If she is dating, then she hasn’t shared that news just yet. She does share that she is out having a good time and living her life. It looks like this reality star isn’t going to let anything hold her back. Jarrod and Brandi actually split about two years ago, but the couple was quiet about it when it went down. Of course with the show, everyone wants to know what is going on now.

Do you love the relationship between Brandi Passante and Kenny Crossley? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Storage Wars on Tuesday nights on A&E.

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  1. There is a vibe in the way they are interacting, if it´s a show they are playing for us, they are good actors, I think there is some romance in the air.

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