Danielle Busby Bosom Bursting from Low Cut Sweater; Fans Ask About Possible Surgery?

Danielle Busby has had six children and has somehow managed to still have a pretty rockin’ mom bod. Recently, the TLC celeb showed off her fit physique modeling some of the newest items coming into her clothing line, Graeson Bee. Find out why shoppers and fans were doing a double-take on Danielle’s pic, and why it’s got them asking whether she’s had some work done.

The Busby’s Knows How To Stretch A Buck

In addition to filming their hit TLC reality show, OutDaughtered, Danielle and Adam Busby are also business owners. While they have several profitable ventures outside of reality tv, the family does have their hands in several boutique stores and clothing lines, including Graeson Bee Boutique. 

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This online boutique features clothing items for the whole family. Most of the items are very casual and can easily be paired with other items in the line. They even have matching/corresponding outfits for moms and their kiddos.

As Danielle intended, the clothes are not outrageously priced, as she knows a lot of moms with multiple kids at home have to stretch a budget. The celeb doesn’t pay for overpriced models. In fact, she, the quints, and various family friends model the clothes for the website’s photos.

Danielle Busby Spills Out of Sweater On Instagram

On Tuesday, the Graeson Bee Instagram account shared posts containing some of their latest styles. One post featured Danielle Busby, who was modeling one of the line’s new ribbed v-neck tops. While the shirt is not overly revealing, it does have a deeper v-neckline which amply exposed Danielle’s chest, leaving very little to the viewer’s imagination. The celeb’s chest was in full view as it spilled upwards from the neckline, and only more heavily accentuated by the tight vertical ribbing on the short-sleeved top.

While not altogether an unflattering look, fans certainly did a double-take. Most are not used to seeing that much cleavage in promos for that clothing line.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Mrs. Busby – You’ve Got Some ‘Splainin To Do

While Danielle’s fans clearly loved the outfit, some had some questions about the sheer amount of mountainous landscape on display. Those who have been watching and following for years, seem to think that the celeb’s chest is suddenly looking a lot larger than it did in pictures from just a few months ago. Did Danielle have breast augmentation during her downtime from filming OutDaughtered? Curiosity even led one viewer to comment on the boutique post. “Did Danielle finally get a boob job,” they asked coyly, “Ole girl bout to bust out of that ribbed sweater. Oh the things reality tv can buy.”

So, has Danielle had some enhancements done? That’s hard to say. The celeb has not responded to the fan’s comment, nor has there been any statement made that would lead to a definite answer. So, while no one can say for certain, this is not the first time that fans have openly inquired about Danielle going under the knife. Back in January of 2021, fans noticed that Danielle’s tummy seemed a bit more toned than they had seen in the past. They speculated that perhaps she had cosmetic surgery to tighten up her abdomen area in the wake of giving birth to quints a few years before.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Instead of shying away from the question, the reality mom opted to answer openly. Danielle told fans no, she had not had any work done. She, however, would not think less of any mom who wanted to have a tummy tuck. She expressed that she knows self-image and confidence after pregnancy are a very real struggle for many women. The celeb followed by encouraging women to do whatever makes them feel happy and beautiful.

Do you think Danielle has had some work done on the low? Let us know in the comments. And, as always, stay tuned to Tv Shows Ace for the latest on all things TLC and OutDaughtered.

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