Lisa Barlow Cries Emotional Trauma After Jen Shah Federal Raid

Lisa Barlow, Jen Shah, Instagram

Lisa Barlow is suffering from an incident that happened while filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She says after being emotionally traumatized by the event; she has suffered for weeks.

Jen Shah, her co-star on RHOSLC has been in trouble along with her assistant Stuart Smith. The two were accused of money laundering and wire fraud. Both of them have pleaded not guilty, but the incident directly affected Barlow.

What Traumatized Lisa Barlow On Set?

Lisa Barlow said she suffered, “PTSD for weeks,” when federal agents came to find Jen in the middle of filming. When watching the footage that aired on the latest episode you see Shah in the van with co-stars Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Jennie Nguyen, and Lisa on the way to Vail, CO. Jen got a phone call, made an excuse, and left.

Lisa Barlow

The excuse was that her husband Sharrief, “was bleeding internally,” and she had to go immediately.   The rest of the women sat in the van and debated waiting for her to return from the hospital to see if she wanted to go.

Soon after she left, law enforcement showed up to arrest her. According to Insider, the bail for Jen was set at $1 million and required a $250,000 bond. The trial will take place at the beginning of 2022.

Andy Cohen Got To The Bottom Of The Raid

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Lisa Barlow talked about the incident. She gave a bit more background information. Andy asked if she believed that Jen’s husband was bleeding internally. Lisa said she did at first, she really thought something had happened to him.

When Andy asked why she told Heather not to warn Jen that the feds were on the way, she said she just wouldn’t. It didn’t seem like the sort of thing they should involve themselves in. Lisa said Whitney thought the law enforcement officers were strippers and Lisa thought they were there for Heather.

Lisa Barlow, Instagram

On WWHL a fan asked Lisa since Heather said she knew Jen’s business was shady, did she think something illegal might be going on. Lisa said she knew Jen did lead generation. She said that’s a lucrative business, so she never questioned it. She also said it wasn’t her business.

Andy Asked How It Compared To Erika Jayne’s Situation

Andy asked how it compared to Erika’s situation. Lisa said she thinks their situations are different. Erika dealt with questions, but about her husband’s legal issues, not her own.

Lisa didn’t have anything bad to say about Jen, just that the incident scarred her. Jen Shah is one of the louder more controversial housewives. Heather McDonald on Juicy Scoop said at the time of her arrest, “I always knew she was full of ****, I didn’t think she was a criminal.”

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