‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Calls Out Tabloids

Sister Wives fans follow the ladies on social media hoping for gossip and updates on the family drama in-between seasons. Right now, with all of the attention on the family in the wake of Christine Brown officially leaving Kody, there are more eyes than ever on the show’s stars. On Friday, Meri Brown did a live stream with fans on Instagram, Meri spoke and candidly spoke about her thoughts on the extra attention and calling out tabloid writers everywhere.

Meri Brown Wants To Discuss “Nothing Of Substance”

On Friday evening, Meri Brown and her business partner, Jenn Sullivan went live on Instagram for their regular installment of “Fridays with Friends.” Every week, the two ladies live stream with followers and just chat about what’s going on in their lives and other random assortments of topics. The pair will interact with fans and answer questions.

When the stream began, there were nearly 1600 people tuning in to the chat – many of whom were hoping for some insight on the latest Sister Wives drama. Unfortunately for them, Meri commented very early on that she would not be talking about the show, her family, or answering any questions about the latest happenings. She gently informed viewers that they are there to “discuss nothing of substance.”

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A few moments later, when viewers began asking repeatedly for information regarding Christine’s recent announcement, Meri was quick to shut that down as well. “I am going to just say it right now and I’m not going to speak on it anymore… That [the announcement] is not something I am going to speak to it again.”

The Great Exodus of Views

Later, at about eleven minutes in, Jenn Sullivan commented that they were speaking to the “587 friends who stuck around.” The stream had started at triple that amount and the ladies quipped jokingly about what the reason for the exodus of views might be. Meri gave a chortle and said, “Nope, we’re not talking about the latest family announcements, oh! I’m out” referencing the volumes of people that had left the feed.

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A breath later, she comments, “It was probably all of the tabloid writers,” taking a sip of her drink and eyeballing the camera knowingly over her cup.

In response, Jenn says, “If there’s that many, we know where all the unemployed went.”

Fans Feel Right At Home With Meri

The live stream lasted about an hour before the connection glitched out. Followers seemed to feel right at home amongst the chit-chat. Meri, Jenn, and their mostly female viewer base discussed everything from Meri’s love of Lularoe to her interior decor preference. Subsequently, at one point there was even a twenty-minute interlude of fans sending in tacky dad jokes and she read and reacted to them on air.

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The TLC star conversed with her “friends” with ease, only avoiding Sister Wives-related subjects. There were no questions left unanswered; no subject she would not broach. People loved her super candid, laid-back nature and were quite receptive to how ‘real’ she was in a casual setting. Fans told Meri that they love seeing her “live her best life.”

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