Nick Viall Could Propose To Natalie Joy Soon

Nick Viall made quite an impression on Bachelor nation. Zachary Reality on TikTok said Blake Moynes is “being made into Nick Viall 2.0,” especially since they are considering him for The Bachelor.

That’s because Nick had two turns on The Bachelorette before going to Bachelor in Paradise. Once he couldn’t find love there, he became the lead and got engaged. His relationship with his winner Vanessa Grimaldi didn’t last long. It wasn’t until Nick went onto Bachelor in Paradise that he left his villain status behind.

Now, the Bachelor playboy is in a relationship with surgical technologist, Natalie Joy. The two have been sharing their relationship on social media since they went public in January. One of Nick’s posts about Natalie said, “Spent years learning to say NO to them, so I could LOVE saying YES to YOU.”

Is Nick Viall Ready To Pop The Question

According to a source and US Weekly, Nick Viall said he’s “never been happier.” That same source said they are both very excited about having a baby one day, but they would get married first. They said Nick considers that doing it the right way.

Nick declared himself a family man after getting a cute puppy named Jeff. It’s a real possibility the couple may be the next Bachelor nation couple to get engaged.

Nick Viall, Instagram

Recently Nick took Natalie home to meet his family and spend time in his hometown. He said, “home looks good on her.” He also took her to a Green Bay Packers game calling it “an important next step in our relationship.” Fans love the two of them together.

They Are On The Same Page

Nick Viall and Natalie are very serious about their relationship. Their couple Halloween costume was amazing. Nick dressed as Austin Powers complete with a wig and glasses. Natalie was his agent fembot special agent partner, Vanessa. They got several compliments for their costume, shown below.

Nick Viall has come a long way since Andi Dorfman called their night together the “most cringe-worthy, lady boner-killing, awkward,” night of her life. After Nick revealed on national television they’d been intimate, she wasn’t too happy with him.

That wasn’t the only time Nick got the villain edit. In Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, he went head-to-head with a few of the men.

Now he is moving forward with a healthy, happy relationship outside of Bachelor nation. He stays up to date with what’s going on through his podcast. Us Weekly’s source said Nick’s friends “cannot wait for [an engagement] to happen because they know how long he’s been waiting to find The One.”

What do you think the chances of Nick Viall getting engaged before the end of the year are? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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