Maddie Brown’s Husband Caleb Brush Makes Rare Instagram Post

Maddie Brown’s Husband, Caleb Brush, vary rarely shares on social media. On Friday however, Sister Wives fans did a double-take when they caught an unexpected post from Caleb on their feed. Caleb was posting in honor of his wife in celebration of a special milestone. What’s going on? Read on to find out what Kody’s fourth eldest child and her hubby are celebrating this weekend.

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Maddie Brown celebrated her 26th birthday on Thursday. Her husband, Caleb, who normally doesn’t have much to say when it comes to social media, took the time to pen out a sentimental message for his lady.

In his post, Caleb shared a photo of his little family unit. In the snap, he and Maddie are standing in front of one another. Maddie is holding the couple’s young daughter, Evangalynn. Caleb is holding their son, Axel. All four are wearing happy smiles as they enjoy a day outside. In his caption, Brush wished his wife a Happy Birthday. He goes on to tell her how lucky and blessed he and the children are to have her in their lives.

Happy birthday my dear soulmate and friend,” Caleb wrote, “26 never looked better on you. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!! Thank you for being you! Love you to the moon and back!”

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A Happy Little Family

Maddie and Caleb Brush have been married since 2016. The couple is doing quite well for themselves. They currently have two beautiful children together.

Maddie and her family currently live in North Carolina. The couple moved to the southern state back in 2019, leaving their previous home in Nevada. Caleb and Maddie made the decision to officially move to the east coast after he got a job offer that he couldn’t resist. Despite being a lot further from her mother, Janelle, and the rest of her family, Maddie is thriving. Fans have loved watching her grow over the years and are so happy to see what a wonderful mother she has become. This is especially so when it comes to Maddie and Caleb’s daughter, Evie.

Maddie Brown Advocates For Evie

Maddie Brown has been very open with fans and the public about the struggles that her beautiful daughter, Evie has been through since birth. According to PEOPLE, while Maddie was pregnant, doctors issued a prognosis that no parent wants to hear. Their daughter would be born with a rare condition called oglidayctly, which causes missing finger and hand formations. Additionally, Evie would also be diagnosed with FACTO syndrome, a condition that affects bone formation in the womb.

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Evangalynn was born with several limb malformations in addition to a bowed tibia bone and a missing calf bone. Eventually, after speaking to numerous specialists, Mom and Dad made the decision to have the doctors perform an amputation on their daughter’s foot.

While Sister Wives fans were shocked by the decision, Mom and Dad assure the public that it’s really the best option. Because of the malformities in her limbs and bones, the child’s mobility would be significantly reduced and limited. Removing the extremity at such a young age will allow her to transition more flawlessly into a prosthetic where she will gain fuller access to her body’s abilities than her natural extremity would have allowed.

East Coast Browns Welcome Western Browns

As we stated previously, Maddie Brown Brush and her family have been living in their new, North Carolina home. While she has opted not to pursue a polygamous lifestyle, she hasn’t lost contact with her family or siblings. In fact, a few weeks ago, Maddie’s younger sibling, Ysabel Brown, moved in with her, Caleb and the kids.

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Ysabel is Kody Brown’s 14th child. Her mother is Christine Brown. Despite the fact that Christine just this week officially left the marriage, Ysabel and Maddie’s relationship has not been affected. Additionally, it appears there are no hard feelings from Janelle’s corner either. Janelle was just as excited about Ysabel moving to North Carolina as Maddie was.

In a recent Instagram post, Maddie announced that her sister would be coming to stay with them. “Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN,” she wrote excitedly. Maddie’s mother, Janelle Brown immediately commented on the post. “It’s going to be epic,” she explained in reply to her daughter’s excitement.

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