Sources Say Kody Brown’s Heart Always With Robyn, The Rest Was Fake?

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Poor Kody Brown. The long-time TLC star and patriarch to the famous four-wife polygamous marriage on TLC’s Sister Wives, is watching his marriage disintegrate before his very eyes. The ladies of the Brown family have started dropping out like flies. In the wake of Christine officially leaving Kody and moving on with her life, fans are reflecting on what really went wrong in this once picture-perfect love polygon.

Robyn Joins The Brown Clan

When the Sister Wives television show started back in 2010, the Brown family was portrayed as one giant love fest. Patriarch, Kody Brown had three wives. He was in the process of courting a fourth. On camera, the entire set-up seemed to work so efficiently, the wives all loved Kody. In turn, Kody loved his wives. Together as a unit, the women bore him a total of 18 children.

Fourth wife, Robyn changed the ballgame for the Brown family. Kody made the decision to marry Robyn so that he could legally adopt her three children. Unfortunately, because he was already legally married to Meri, the pair would have to divorce.

The pair “remained married in spirit” so that Kody’s new union could become official. He and Robyn would go on to have two more biological children together.

Photo Credit: Sister Wives / TLC

In their religion, the Browns say that their main purpose on Earth is to procreate. According to them, God wants them to have as many children as possible. During the first years of the show, fans got to watch as the clan grew to include Robyn’s pre-started family. Kody took her as a fourth wife back in 2010.

For a while, everything seemed hunky-dory, eventually, trouble began for the family when Kody began showing signs of favoritism.

Wanted: Obedient Child Bearing Wives | Love Not Required

Problems started to arise within the ranks shortly after Robyn joined the family. Already splitting precious time with Kody, the wives are now forced to accommodate Robyn. Feelings were easily hurt, someone would frequently feel left out or neglected.

Christine in particular fell victim to the green-eyed monster, especially after her last daughter was born. The celeb experienced a terrible bout of post-partum depression which led her to develop bitter hate for her newest sister wife who seemed to be getting all of the attention.

As the years go on, Kody begins favoring Robyn more and more. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Unfortunately, Kody Brown doesn’t seem to have much empathy for the feelings of his other three wives, who are doing their best to share him evenly despite broken hearts and doubt. It becomes clear that Kody continues to want a close, romantic relationship with his newest wife over any kind of connection with the other three.

The other ladies in the marriage are starting to feel the strain of receiving less and less attention and affection.

Photo Credit: ‘Sister Wives’/ TLC

It is evident to all, especially as the Brown clan began to navigate its way through the difficulties of the pandemic, that Kody was making the choice to spend the majority of his time with Robyn. At some point, he and Meri had stopped sleeping together at all. And now, his relationship with his third wife, Christine was starting to sour as well. Many fans were suspicious that the only person that still held value to him was Robyn because she was the only one able to bear children.

While the other ladies were raising his children, they weren’t having any more. So, while he took care of them, he didn’t actually care much for them, other than the fact that God his God doesn’t condone a husband leaving his wife. Many fans inferred that the real reason the other wives weren’t seeing Kody was that he had internally realized that his heart was actually with Robyn – because who needs love if you have a working womb?

Was Ending Up With Robyn What Kody Wanted All Along?

After Christine officially announced her separation from Kody, fans began to wonder if reverting to a life of monogamy with Robyn and her children was always the eventual plan. In his belief set, the husband cannot leave the wife. Abandoning your space as the carer and provider will knock you out of the running for the riches and perks of the kingdom when you reach your afterlife.

So, if he was madly in love with Robyn and wanted to spend his time and attention only on her, the only way to do that is to make your other wives leave you. If the woman leaves the man, the shame of falling out of favor with God becomes her burden. The man remains innocent and clear in the eyes of the church.

Photo Credit: ‘Sister Wives’/ TLC

Now, with Meri already living back in Utah on her own and Christine having announced her decision to leave, fans are really on board with the theory that he openly showed his favoritism in order to try and drive the others away. Even soft-spoken Janelle has expressed being tired of the “bulls***” in regards to Kody’s favoritism.

Did Kody ever really love his first three wives or, were they just a vessel for children? No one but Kody can officially answer that question. We hope, that the withering of love is just something that naturally happened over time.

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  1. I am so sick of Kody not accepting responsibility for anything. he blames everyone else for any misfortune. We all know he is only intimate with Robyn ( the perpetual sad one). he’s not supposed to be just friends with his other wives. Yes his WIVES. I could just hear Robyn saying, yay 1 down & 2 to go! As for Kody… he’s faking it all

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