Jacqueline Trumbull Says Kendall Long Edit Not What It Seems

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Often on shows like The Bachelor, fans suspect producers are setting things up. Jacqueline Trumbull said that’s exactly what happened when Kendall Long went on Bachelor in Paradise.

When the audience saw her going straight for Joe Amabile they assumed she’d come for him. According to Jacqueline that wasn’t the case. She said, “I was upset to see the edit so clearly make it look like she was trying to get him back.”

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Kendall did try to date while on the beach. She forged a connection with Ivan Hall, but in the end, she left alone. From her time on the show, Jacqueline knows how producers can sometimes manipulate the situation.

Why Did Jacqueline Trumbull Say Kendall Went On BIP?

Jacqueline Trumbull shared she talked to Kendall when she came back from Paradise before the show started airing. She said Kendall truly did want to go and find a new relationship. Long wanted to move on.

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She told US Weekly, “This place was very special to both of them. And I think watching her ex go back in and use that same place to create new meaning was just something she wanted to do kind of side by side.”

Trumbull went on to say that Kendall wanted to reclaim it together instead of one of the two tainting the memory of their time there.

She Also Said Kendall Didn’t Know About The Proposal

Jacqueline Trumbull shared it upset Kendall being dragged for coming back the day Joe got engaged. Some people including Clay Harbor speculated she came back on that day because producers told her to. He tweeted, “Disrespectful of Kendall to insert herself in a moment that should only be about Joe, Serena, and their future together.:

Chris Conran said, “I’m still trying to figure out how the producers talked her into doing that.” Kendall didn’t know an engagement would be happening that day, according to Trumbull. She said Kendall took a risk going back because she got two great edits the first and second time she was on.

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She Had Only Great Things To Say About Her Friend

Jacqueline Trumbull said while she loves the show and producers it’s “hard to watch them take down someone I love.” Jacqueline went on to say it makes her angry.

She said, “She’s one of the most genuine people ever. She hasn’t lost her weird, quirky side, you know, she uses her Instagram to tell, like, weird animal sex facts, and get people excited about nature and [her] coffee stain paintings.”

The podcast host said she knows what was produced and the real reasons for things. One person she thinks will get a favorable edit on Michelle’s season is Clayton Echard, the next Bachelor. She said, “They edit the episodes up until the point that they released them, so he’s very clearly going to get a favorable edit.”

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