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Clay Harbor Explains Controversial Opinion About Michelle Young

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Clay Harbor had to answer for a tweet he made where some people thought he was dissing Michelle Young. Michelle has handled her season with class, even responding calmly to Jamie Skaar saying she was in, “spring break mode.”

Clay Harbor competed for Becca Kufrin’s heart on her season of The Bachelorette, and often tweets along with the new episodes. Clay also showed up on Bachelor in Paradise and tried to find love within the franchise again.

What Did Clay Harbor Tweet About Michelle?

Clay Harbor went onto Twitter to express how he felt about Michelle. He said, “controversial opinion, Michelle is the most beautiful Bachelorette.” Fans didn’t like that he said that and came after him. Clay tried clarifying what he meant and got mixed reactions in return.

Instagram, Clay Harbor

Clay said, “when I said, ‘controversial opinion Michelle is the most beautiful Bachelorette’ I meant no disrespect.” He further clarified, “the controversial part is bc there have been so many beautiful women in that spot. (18 I think).”

After that, he said, “apologies if you were offended.” According to E-News, while he deleted the initial tweet, fans are still responding to the ones he said after that. One fan said, “apologies if you were offended, is not an apology.” Someone else said, “lmao it wasn’t offensive I just didn’t think you knew what controversial meant.”

Some Fans Agreed With Him

There were some fans on Clay Harbor’s side. One said, “you have the right to your opinion! beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. She is beautiful and there have been many beautiful leads.” Another said, “there’s nothing wrong with what you said. People need to chill!” A third said, “I don’t understand what’s so bad about what you said. It was an opinion.”

Clay has also tweeted some other opinions on Michelle Young’s season. Seeing someone naked again on this season he had to ask a question. He said, “If the Bachelor has a women run around naked would that be acceptable? Serious question.”

Instagram, Clay Harbor

Kaitlyn Bristowe responded, “I would do it…. In fact, I did do it. Extra points for someone finding the clip of me jumping off the dock naked from a dare.” Someone did find the footage and posted it to Clay’s Twitter.  Other fans reminded him that Tia Booth got naked on Bachelor in Paradise, and there had been many more. He’s also really pulling for Nayte Olukoya this season.

He tweeted, “Nayte showing what confidence actually looks like. It’s not loud… not in your face. It’s secure, thoughtful, and comfortable.” He also served this Star Wars reference, “Jamie went from hero to villain faster than Anakin Skywalker. ”

What do you think about Clay’s tweet about Michelle Young? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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