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Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, is making some big changes in her life. Recently, the long-time TLC celeb recently made the decision to leave her ‘husband in spirit’, Kody Brown. Now single at 49-years-old, this mother-of-six has a brand new lease on life. In her latest Instagram post, the reality star says that moving forward, she WILL NOT choose fear. Is Christine facing some difficult times on her own? Read on to get all the details.

Christine Brown Leaves The Kult Of Kody

For millions of TLC viewers, Christine Brown has been a staple on Sister Wives since the show began back in 2010. Christine [was] Kody’s third wife, coming into the polygamous marriage in 1994. After bearing and raising six children for Kody, the marriage that she had always hoped she’d have — just wasn’t.

Over the years, Christine genuinely fought for the plural marriage to work. Fans of the show constantly noted how Christine did genuinely seem to love Kody. She deferred to him on all decisions and really wanted to make him happy. Unfortunately, sharing her husband with initially two, and then three, other women ultimately took a toll on Christine’s spirit.

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In several Sister Wives episodes, Christine talks about not having enough time to spend alone with Kody. She was very open about feeling slighted when other wives [especially Robyn] would get more time with him. She said it was something she often worried about and something that ate at her over the years. After 27 years of marriage, Christine no longer wanted to spend her life feeling used up and unnecessary to a neglectful husband, and so she made the decision to leave Kody in Arizona and move back to Utah with their children.

Christine Embraces Change and Positivity

Christine Brown, like Meri who has also basically left the fold, have both lived in a polygamous relationship for nearly two decades. After so much time inside this male-dominant religious lifestyle, Christine is now rejoining society. She is enjoying freedoms that she had forgotten about and is really getting the chance to develop herself as an individual person.

In her latest Instagram post, Christine tells her fans that moving on can be scary. She acknowledges that many people, including herself, have lived in fear when it comes to change. Complacency, while not always pleasant – does bring a sense of comfort to most people. Now, as she enters this new phase of her life, Christine Brown says that she will no longer choose fear over making the changes that will better her life.

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The celeb posted a photo of herself, standing in front of a beautiful backdrop of fall foliage. She wears a huge smile on her face. Christine paired the photo with a lengthy but sentimental caption, explaining that she is doing her best to actively embrace positive changes in her life. While the end of her marriage is clearly being implied as a positive change, Christine also leans into changes she has made to her health and lifestyle. According to Kody’s former spiritual wife, knowing you need to make a change, does not change make. “Watching & waiting doesn’t move anyone forward but rather creates a delay in results,” said the wisened former Sister Wife, “If I can offer you a piece of wisdom it would be – be open to the thought of change – you never know what you’re missing.

Christine’s fans continue to be elated by the positive changes they have seen in her since the split. Currently, the post has been liked more than 15,000 times.

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