Meri Brown May Follow Christine In Dumping Kody, Inside Source Reveals

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An insider source reveals Meri Brown may soon join Christine in dumping their husband Kody. As we previously reported, jaws of Sister Wives fans everywhere dropped when Christine Brown issued a statement regarding her decision to leave Kody. Kody Brown followed shortly behind her issuing his own statement. Both statements seemed to make it clear it was Christine’s decision to end their relationship, not his. Both Kody and Christine did their part to reassure fans they would still do right by their family and their children. But, it just wasn’t working anymore.

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Now, fans knew there was trouble brewing between Christine and Kody Brown. The Sister Wives Season 16 trailer revealed Christine had reached a point where she was just pretending and going through the motions. But, she didn’t really want to be there anymore. Fans, however, expected Meri Brown to be the first to leave Kody. After all, Season 15 of the show spent a lot of time focused on the fact that there was no intimacy left between Meri and Kody. Sister Wives fans admit they are shocked at Christine’s statement because they truly believed Meri would be the first to go.

Kody Brown Makes Bold Move After Christine Dumps Him

How are things between Meri and Kody Brown right now?

With Christine Brown officially leaving Kody, fans wonder how things are between him and Meri. Do they have any sort of relationship? US Weekly claims to have spoken with an inside source who is close to the Brown family. The inside source claims that Meri Brown is a very independent woman these days. She’s living her life and she’s happy.

The inside source goes on to reveal that Kody and Meri Brown do not have any sort of relationship right now. Does this mean Meri could be the next to issue a statement confirming her decision to leave her husband Kody as well? Fans recall Meri has previously taken to Instagram to defend her relationship and her family. Fans suspect Kody’s wives have to be careful about what they say on social media because of their contract with TLC.

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Will Kody Brown be alone with Robyn soon?

Fans suspect Robyn Brown is to blame for breaking this family up. Things haven’t sat well for fans since she joined the family. Especially when Kody divorced Meri to legally marry Robyn on paper. Fans believe Robyn’s goal all along was to pull Kody away from his other three wives.

As we previously reported, Janelle Brown appears to be spending more and more time with Christine. Rumors have even been flying that Janelle might be living with Christine right now because she isn’t living in her RV during the winter months and had nowhere else to go. Some fans speculated Janelle could end up joining Christine in dumping Kody as well.

Were you surprised to learn Christine Brown officially dumped Kody? Do you think Meri is soon to follow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown and his family.

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