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Kody Brown Makes Bold Move After Christine Dumps Him

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives made a VERY bold move after Christine officially confirmed her decision to dump him. As we reported earlier, Christine Brown took to Instagram to issue an official statement confirming her split from Kody.

She explained they had been together for nearly three decades, but she made the difficult decision to leave him. The Sister Wives star opted to turn the comments off on her posts. Fans assumed this was her way of making it clear she didn’t want questions or opinions on the break-up.

‘SW’ Christine & Kody Brown Split: See Official Statement

Kody Brown issues statement on Christine leaving him

Before too much time passed, Kody Brown also took to his own Instagram profile. He issued a statement on Christine’s decision to leave him. Kody noted that her decision to leave him comes with “a great deal of sadness.”

We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her. Although we are moving forward on different paths, we will always remain committed parents.”

As those who follow Kody Brown on Instagram know, he isn’t known to be especially active. In fact, it was four weeks ago that he last posted and it was to discuss how much he loved his backyard. Sister Wives fans speculated it was actually his backyard with Robyn.

SW Kody Brown Youtube
Kody Brown – YouTube

The Sister Wives star made a very bold move after she dumped him.

Sister Wives fans notice Kody Brown made a pretty bold move after Christine dumped him. Unlike Christine, he decided NOT to turn his comments off on his post breaking his silence on her decision to leave him. Instead, he left the door open for Sister Wives fans to react, comment, criticize, and ask questions.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown youtube
Christine Brown – YouTube

Fans came flooding through that door of opportunity and left all sorts of different things in the comments of his post. Most, however, just wanted him to know they were happy for Christine Brown. Fans agreed she has appeared to be miserable in her marriage with him for a while now. And, they are thrilled she’s made the decision to leave him for the sake of her own happiness. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of his post:

  • “Happy for her!”
  • “Happy for Christine. The moment you asked your daughter to push back her surgery was the biggest red flag. Christine shine bright you got this”
  • “Good for her!”
  • “She’s finally going to have a life”
  • “This is great news! Girl power!!!! She’s taking control of her life! Amazing!!!!!”
  • “Happy for you Christine, you deserve so much better.. onwards and upwards.”

Unfortunately for Kody Brown, his bold move wasn’t met with a lot of love and support. Sister Wives fans only seemed interested in how Christine navigated the break-up.

Kody Brown - Instagram
Kody Brown – Instagram

Do you think it was bold of Kody Brown to leave his comments on? Are you surprised there isn’t a lot of love for him in response to his statement? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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  1. He always has to have the last word, always running his mouth and putting his foot in it. No one cares for him or sobbin, she caused the end as we see it now. To see the pain on Jenelle’s face in season 14 or 15 when she said it had been so long since they had seen each other. And the hangdog face on him, realizing how he was hurting her. He should have gone back to sobbin’s house and her kids and said I’m not taking any more orders from you. But, after all, he is just a dog following sobbing around waiting for a treat. We all know who wears the pants in that house.

    1. Kody has not been a supportive, nurturing hands on Husband and Father with any of his children or wives. These women are lacking in companionship, affection, love, time and support. He cannot be a husband and Father to so many, it’s not possible and it shows. Kody time and time again has selfishly put his wants before the families needs and wants. He wants what he wants when he wants it. To not be there for your lived ones when they need you is selfish, hurtful and crushing Shame on you. When your daughter had to have such a serious surgery you abandoned her physically, emotionally and spiritually. Christine has needed you front and center many times and you have failed your families. I hope that Christine and Meri can find happiness and fulfilling relationships in the future. They deserve a supportive husband and involved loving Father for those children. You blame Meri f ou r the catfishing incident when that was only a symptom of the lack of intimacy and support any of your family members are getting from you.

    2. Kody is disgusting. I so wish Janelle would leave him. Meri too. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. He is a complete and total 🍆

  2. I’m glad Christine did something for herself and girls to be happy. Being with Kody just wasn’t it. Everybody knows what wife he dotes on and it wasn’t Christine nor is it Meri or Janelle. I’m very happy for Christine, I wish her and the girls the best of the best.

  3. Meri gave up her marriage for Robin.but kody did not think how hard that was on Meri and he just kept treating her like dirt he’s apiece of shit.

    1. He’s a real creeper! From the moment I ever laid eyes on him I knew he was a egotistical, narcissistic, piss poor excuse for a so called “man.”
      Mari and Jenelle need to get out as soon as they can. Let Robin have the piece of crap. They deserve each other. She is just as conniving and controlling as he is.

  4. The shift started when Robyn came on the scene. Then the divorce from Mary. Now COVID…He says he doesnt have a “favorite wife” nor is one wife above the other but it definitely looks like Robyn is his favorite wife. Guaranteed if one of Robyn’s kids had to have surgery he would have been there for them.

  5. Kody is the most selfish man I have ever seen. It broke my heart to see his daughter coming out of surgery crying for her daddy. If he was following all those rules he wanted everyone else to follow, he could have gone, and quarantined at Christine’s house for 2 weeks when they got back. Helping Christine take care of her daughter. Shame on him. He should really just feel like the piece of shit father and husband he is.

  6. Kody is a disgusting control freak that somehow managed to convince three women to “marry” him before he latched onto Robin and clearly made her the only wife he really wanted. Christine has finally broken free and I hope Meri and Janelle are right behind her!! Run ladies run!!!

  7. Kody keeps talking about “getting into heaven”!!! How in the hell does he get there with a city full of children and now dwindling marital beds???!!! Don’t put this crap on God. These women are not Joseph Smith or Brigham Young brides. But they have been duped to believe this is about religion. BULL SHIT!!! It’s about sex and control. Well, Brigham and Joseph got away with it. Kody won’t.

  8. Those beautiful other 3 wives should get out like Christine did. He obviously cares only for the one he is currently staying with.

  9. Kody Brown sickens me and he always has. I’m so happy for Christine! I hope she finds one man to dote over her, and she won’t have to share. Meri get out while the getting is good! You deserve so much better than KB…Ugh!!! Kody is a slime-ball. Janelle, run!

  10. Sobin Robyn…. Master manipulator..Has sex outside marriage against Kodi’s rules. ( He doesn’t allow kissing outside marriage.) A man so horrible she had 2 more kids with him. Went from being debt ridden living in a trailer to a 7 bed mansion. Manages to become the only legal wife. Doesn’t like being without Kodi but will stand back and allow the other wives to be unsupported even through serious back surgery and amputations . Moves the whole family to Flagstaff where her son is attending school. Unbelievably gets a nanny to look after 2 kids. Why ? When she has 3 older kids at home who should help. The nanny ends up with Covid despite following all Robyn’s (the germaphobe) sorry Kodi’s rules. It’s not Covid tearing the family apart. It’s Robyn…. Janelle you need to follow Christine you are too good for them.

  11. Robin said she don’t want him every night she need to b stuck with that pile of dodo.He not a man at all . Kody grow up U wanted all those kids it time to act like a Man U sorry old looking baby. And cut those big curles you look like a big baby. Be a father to the rest of those kids. It was heartbreaking to see ur son cry ur a lyre can’t stand u!!!!!!!!

  12. There’s only one thing that I wanna say. Cody clearly does not understand God‘s message. You are committing adultery if you are not legally married to a person and have sex much less have all those kids. So if you think you’re gonna be getting into heaven with all the adultery that you’ve committed, son you better think again because without giving judgment I believe that you will not be there. Go back and reread the Bible and maybe you can get some clarity on your life because you clearly need some. You don’t mentally abuse people wives children and thank you can get away with it because God will give swift judgment and swift action to what you have done to all these people. You are responsible for their mental being and you have messed up God help you because you’re gonna need it in the hair after .

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