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Is There An Engagement In Thomas Jacobs & Becca Kufrin’s Future?

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When a former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin went looking for love on the beach, no one knew she’d find it with a villain. Many fans know Thomas Jacobs got the villain to edit on Katie Thurston’s season. However, he went to Bachelor in Paradise to leave that label behind him. What he found was a match in Becca.

Their romance is sweet, but it wasn’t an easy road. The couple broke up right before fantasy suites were to take place. Becca told Thomas he felt too good to be true. At the time, Thomas was very visibly upset.

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After Paradise wrapped, however, the two rekindled their love causing a lot of fans to think maybe it was all staged. The same thing happened with another solid couple Noah Erb and Abigail Herringer. Despite their breakup, now they are going strong.

Thomas Jacobs Is A Very Happy Man

Thomas talked about his life being amazing at a charity event with Hollywood Life. He says, “life’s good. It’s a weird, new normal and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Jacobs said after the breakup it was Becca who reached out to him.

He said, “I left in a vulnerable place, leaving my faith somewhat in her hands because I knew what we had.” He said once they got back together, it was like no time had passed. They saw it was still the same as it had been on the beach.

Thomas said, “We both got the clarity and answers we needed and realized that we wanted to be with each other.”

Is He Planning To Propose?

Thomas Jacobs said they haven’t spent more than five days apart. He said, “I had zero fear in my body.” Thomas knew Becca was all he wanted.

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As far as getting married, he seemed to hint it could be in the cards. The couple isn’t interested in rushing into anything though it seems. He says this is the healthiest relationship he’s been in and while there are a lot of people invested in their relationship, it doesn’t define them. He continues by saying, “that doesn’t impact our relationship. We’re just normal people living normal lives.”

Are The Two Of Them Living Together?

Apparently, the couple still lives in their own homes despite the intense romance. He lives in San Diego and Becca Kufrin lives in L.A.

Thomas says living between both places is, “as close as living together without living together. She has multiple closets at my house.” He went on to say you know it is official when her toothbrush is there.

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For Halloween, they went in a couple’s costume. Thomas played the role of a bull and Becca was the matador. Becca commented on the above picture saying, “they warned me about your red flags, so figured I’d get my own to match.”

What do you think of Thomas Jacobs and Becca Kufrin’s romance? Comment with your thoughts down below and as always visit TV Shows Ace for all your Bachelor in Paradise news.

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