Yazmin Oukhellou Puts DIOR Between Her Legs In Latest Instagram Post [See Photo]


Towie alum, Yazmin Oukhellou is turning heads on Instagram, yet again. The brazen brunette is baring it all on social media, this time adding some big brands to the seduction. Read on to find out what brand Yazmin loves so much that she will lose her clothes for it.

Linking Up With Collab House Agency

In her latest social media post, British reality starlet, Yazmin Oukhellou is promoting her latest partnership with Collab House Agency. This company specializes in helping brands grow their following by helping them facilitate giveaways. The company offers up a product to giveaway and they essentially pay the celebrities (in cash or product) to promote a giveaway through their social media. It is a mutually beneficial experience that helps both the brand and the celeb generate exposure for their social media.

As of late, Yazmin has paired up with the company to giveaway a Louis Vuitton item through her Instagram page. In true Yazmin form, the celeb’s giveaway post is quickly gaining attention as no one can pass by it when it pops up in their feed.

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Yazmin Oukhellou Rides Sidesaddle For Dior

In her post, the busty reality star is posed on a plush, velveteen couch wearing nothing but a sheer, lace, teddy. Yazmin is leaning to the side with her arm braced on a long pillow. Her hips were planted dead center and her legs were positioned off to the side and slightly to the rear.

The Itvbe network star wore her long raven hair parted down the center and gathered in a low, sleek ponytail. Yazmin is holding one arm high in the air and brandishing a peace sign as she looks off to the side making the iconic ‘duck lips’ face.

In front of her, dead center between her legs sat a midnight black Dior saddle bag purse. If you arent familiar with the equestrian technique, the positioning of her body and the fact that that there is a ‘saddle’ between her legs is a quiet joke that she is ‘riding sidesaddle.’  And, judging by the fact that the sheer teddy has left all of her legs, hip, and most of her rear exposed – it is safe to say the purse was definitely covering the view of her … undercarriage. See for yourself here.

Sneaky Marketing?

In her post, Yazmin Oukhellou says that to enter, fans should follow the Collab House Agency and follow everyone they follow before following various other instructions. Her caption intro reads, “LOUIS VUITTON GIVEAWAY.” Fans, however, were quick to notice that the bag that Yazmin was sporting in her lap – was NOT an original Louis Vuitton. It was very clearly a recent Dior design. In fact, if you google Dior Saddlebag purse – the item she has in the photo is the very first item that pops up in search. The bag retails for $3,250 through the brand’s online website.

So why is the TOWIE celeb promoting a Louis bag but brandishing a Dior bag? Well, that’s pretty simple. There’s more than one item in the giveaway. If you read the post carefully, she labels it as a ‘Louis Vuitton Giveaway,’ but there are other items on the couch around her from brands like Gucci, Dior, and Beauty Works. If you look toward the bottom of the post she instructs you to follow the steps listed to “win all this.”

Fans should note, however, that these giveaways aren’t always what they seem – while anyone can “enter” the competition not everyone is eligible to win. In fact, while it’s not listed on her post – if you jump to the Collab House Agency’s website and look at their TOS, it states that any winner selected MUST live within the borders of the UK in order to be eligible to receive the prize. While that smidgeon of deceit is certainly not Yazmin Oukhellou’s fault, it might put a sour taste in fans’ mouths over her promoting the agency’s giveaway.

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