Craig Conover Is Happy In New ‘Winter House’ Relationship

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Craig Conover is one of the Southern Charm people can’t get enough of. Fans really adore Craig and his pillow company. He’s one of the reality stars crashing at the Winter House. The show that airs on Bravo mixes people from Summer House and Southern Charm. They put them all up in a Vermont home and let the alcohol flow freely. Craig says his new relationship was a long time coming and he’s really happy.

Not only is Craig going to Vermont but Austin Kroll is going to be there stirring up drama as well.  Paige DeSorbo from Summer House along with Jason Cameron, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke Gulbranson, and several others are ready for some fun in the snow.

Who Is Craig Conover Dating?

Craig Conover has been rumored to be dating Paige DeSorbo in the past. He stated to People they were friends that had crushes on each other, but that was all they were. Craig said, “We always had an eye for each other.” The problem was they were never both single at the same time.

After being on the show together he said the friendship evolved naturally into something more. He said, “it was done healthily.” They knew each other first and then got into a relationship. He also said fans will see the foundation of their begin on the show. They aren’t on each other’s social media accounts, but they are starting to post a lot about Winter House. One her story Paige said the show means, “a lot of bikinis and fur for the next couple weeks.” She also said she can’t wait for tonight and all her winter looks. She shared the entire cast together in matching red flannel pajamas above.

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They Kept It Under Wraps At First

Craig Conover knows what it’s like to date in the public eye. That’s why they decided to keep their connection under wraps for a while. He said people confuse him by thinking it’s a publicity stunt. Conover said if it was, he would have posted about it, but he didn’t. Craig said, they are happy and this is the first time either of them have dated another reality star. “We get each other, it’s nice,” Craig said about the things they have in common.

The preview already looks wild with Austin trying to charm some of the ladies right away. The ladies seem to be into it. There also seems to be a lot of drama and Paige says there are, “three girls fighting over Austen Kroll.” It seems maybe they don’t have a lot of men to choose from. Are you looking forward to seeing Winter House? Comment with your thoughts down below and watch Wednesday night on Bravo.

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