‘The Bachelorette’ Michelle Young Shares Relationship Goals

Michelle Young, Bachelorette

Michelle Young credits being a fifth-grade teacher on her ability to not give anything away about her season. In a recent interview, she told the host he did a good job trying to see if she was in love, but she wouldn’t break. Young is embarking on a journey to find love starting tonight and she has Bachelor nation’s full support. She even gave a nice word of support to former boyfriend and Bachelor, Matt James. When asked how he did on DWTS she said, “he killed it.”

Michelle was the runner-up on Matt’s season and fans were thrilled when they found out she’d get to be The Bachelorette. Following Katie Thurston who is now engaged and happily in love with Blake Moynes, Michelle wants the same thing. Read on to see what she’s looking for in a relationship.

Is Michelle Young Ready For Her Journey To Air?

Michelle Young talked to Extra about the start of her season. When asked if she was ready, she said, “I’m as ready as one can be in this situation.” She said she doesn’t know how her life will change, she just knows it will. Michelle has a list of qualities she is looking for in a guy. She wants someone supportive and there through the difficult times. Michelle wants someone she can laugh with as well. She said she knows what her parents have, and that’s what she’s looking for.

The interviewer asked her about the drama. He said, “how bad did it get?” Michelle responded that he didn’t need to look at the cup half empty. She said, “ask how great it was.” The teacher said, “there were difficult times which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.” He asked if there was a time when she wanted to give up. Michelle said it takes a lot for her to give up. She said she breaks and cries, but she isn’t a quitter.
When asked if there was anything that changed within her, she said there was. She said she wasn’t good in the past with showing that she hurt. Now, she said she’s gotten better at showing that emotion and being open with it.

Michelle Young via YouTube 1
Michelle Young via YouTube

She Was Glad To Have Her Girls Support

Michelle Young loved having Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe there with her. She said they’ve been through it and know what she’s feeling so it brings her comfort.  They helped her work through certain things and she was so grateful they were there. She also was happy to have her best friend from Matt’s season Serena Pitt there as well. Michelle said she’s someone who knows how her mind works and could give her support.

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